Magi 8 – Strength

Dining hall seemed very lively, the last sun already set an hour ago. The smell of roasted meats, honey, wine, tea, seasoning and spices all over the air. Unlike the big cities those have moon and star crystals to light the nights, here I could feel the warm of oil lamps and candles.

Outside the streets, people sang their folk songs happily, including the at the across tavern – the Golden Duck Tavern. It seemed the Silver Swan Inn and Golden Duck Tavern has a close connection to my family, but I didn’t know yet what it is. Both Miss Lina and Miss Mari seems so close to my mother.

At the next morning, we left the city and go the South. Within the magical carriage were me, Mother, Miss Lina and Miss Mari. Mother said, Miss Lina and Miss Mari would be my elder sisters from now on. Of course, I would call them ‘Sis’ or so when I start to speak in future.

On the first day of five-planned-day, three of us, excluding me, were busy to exchange information. What had startled me that that information included everything that happened within seven empires and hundreds of kingdoms. This information wasn’t just neighborhood’s gossips, but crucial, perhaps tactical, information that could easily shake a kingdom.

‘Mother…, are you going to topple a kingdom?’ Continue reading “Magi 8 – Strength”

Magi 7 – The Silver Swan and Golden Duck

Some days after that night. I found myself lied down within a straw box that bounced gently every couple second. I was kidnapped! Ups, not really, I was ‘dethroned’ from my royal abode, and forced into exile with my poor mother.

Ehem, well, I thought I would be a nice script writer, don’t you think so?

Perhaps this what people called a tale of a journey. Since ever we left Royal City of Glaedwine, I could feel a lot of different taste in the air, it was like opening a giftbox which we know nothing about it before.

The smell of a newly budding grasses, the dancing road dust in the wind, the hidden nectars of miscellaneous flowers.

The sound of small streams those rippled their soul for their river of life, the cicadas those send their greeting passed the fairy forest.

And don’t forget, the warm the twin suns, that … Ah okay just forget it, let’s back to our main storyline. Continue reading “Magi 7 – The Silver Swan and Golden Duck”

Magi 6 – Halfmoon under the Past

Days and nights went by silently within the river of time. Calm moon and bright night, the breeze danced gently around me while I curled with the lap of the greatest woman under stars. The crickets happily played their renown little forest march, with brigades of frogs and other fellows of the night.

I was yet to see the world, but I could imagine, there is no better place and time for a great poem to born under the heaven, like here and now.

But I refrained myself from creating one.

No matter how genius this baby, which is me, I would not let this wonderful night wasted by creating just a magnum opus.

The lullaby of a mother.

The sweetest ambrosia for the thirsty little soul.

On my mother’s lap, within her warm embrace, the melody gave a mysterious yet soothing sensation.

I knew a night should be a chilly time for most people, but at this moment, I felt – the summer just everlasting. Continue reading “Magi 6 – Halfmoon under the Past”

Magi 5 – Unsilver-spooned Baby

Within a kingdom, there were perhaps many intrigues among the nobles. But I’ve never heard anything like that before happened within Glaedwine royalty, at least nothing I particularly felt in that last banquet. If someone want to harm my family, they shouldn’t miss the change to know more about their target.

Wait, why I sounded like a private investigator?

“Sister Ana, you shouldn’t worry about it. We will just fine. Who would harm our family anyway?”

My mother again gave another small laugh.

“You just don’t understand. It’s not within our kingdom, but I am afraid a foreign and old enemy of Glaedwine would make a move.”

“Foreigners?” Continue reading “Magi 5 – Unsilver-spooned Baby”

Magi 4 – Arrijana Adelina

The sun shined brightly above the royal city of Glaedwine. This capital of Glaedwine were around a thousand-kilometer square, and about to reach ten million in population.

Like most of royal cities, Glaedwine Capital has three rings of walls. Outside the outer ring were houses for commoners, farming area, and many activities for supporting economic interest of Glaedwine. It covered about sixty percent of capital area.

Behind the outer ring mainly use for housing, houses of civil servants, merchants, and markets for many higher grades good. Most of kingdom soldiers and their family also stayed here. Small guilds conveniently established their headquarters here.

The Southern area was designated for housing. The Eastern area was market and economic central area such as lodging, restaurants, blacksmithing central, apothecaries, and many more. Renowned guilds, such as Magi Guild, Alchemist Guild, Painter Guild, Blacksmith Guild, Engineer Guild, Sword & Shield Guild, Array & Formation Master Guild were all converged here. Continue reading “Magi 4 – Arrijana Adelina”

Magi 3 – Family

A birth within a family always brought joy and happiness, if not always, I would sure mostly be. For a couple of hours, at least it indeed true for my family.

Guests were flooding our main hall, and from the sound around me, they should be hundreds of them right now.

From the noblest one, the king itself, to commoners like teachers of the magic and knight academy or some random servant families, from the old to their children, they came to give their blessing for the new born son – which is me.

I knew then that I was born within an aristocratic family, and an important one within this kingdom, the Glaedwine Kingdom. Continue reading “Magi 3 – Family”

Magi 2 – The Baby and the Poem

What a great view! All laws danced together under the bright nine stars. Even the most ignorant beings in the nine realms knew that this was a sign – a celestial sign that can affect all the universe.

“The nine starts are shining, the destiny of three realms shall move to an unknow path, the great soul has descended to our universe.”

An old man murmured to himself.

“Grandpa, these stars are shining beautifully, but why you don’t seem happy seeing them?”

A little girl by his side asked him, she smiled and looked just like a little angel. Her hair is like flowing stream of gold, the white skin and a bright green and silver pupils – a pair of peculiar heterochromia. Continue reading “Magi 2 – The Baby and the Poem”

Ema 30 – Permohonan Sang Penyintas

Jika memandang ke arah langit yang bergelora dengan hempasan badai dan tarian topan. Maka orang akan berpikir bahwa dia sedang berada di dunia yang sepenuhnya berbeda.  Ombak-ombak tinggi ratusan hingga ribuan elo mengancam untuk mencabik apa pun yang berada dalam terjangan mereka. Manusia yang menemukan diri mereka ada begitu dekat dengan semua ini akan kehilangan keberaniannya.

Dan belum lagi ditambah sepasang mata yang memandang buas ke arah mereka.

Kepanikan melanda awak Sang Mutiara Angin, Christine meminta Vasu untuk memutar balik kemudi karena situasi yang tak terduga ini benar-benar mencengkeram urat nyali mereka. Energi semesta yang misterius seperti menekan ke dalam jiwa mereka. Continue reading “Ema 30 – Permohonan Sang Penyintas”

Ema 29 – Warisan Sakra Manavendra

Vasu memandang ke arah dinding kabut ungu raksasa, dia menutup matanya berusaha memandang menembus ke balik dinding misterius itu. Namun yang bisa dirasakannya hanya kekosongan yang tak bertepi. Siapa pun atau apa pun yang mampu menghasilkan fenomena seperti ini, pastilah lebih misterius daripada fenomena ini sendiri.

“Semuanya bersiap!”

Suara membahana kapten Sang Mutiara Angin mengingatkan kembali para awak dalam nada yang tegas. Mereka semua tahu, bahwa memasuki hutan kabut ungu bisa bermakna tidak akan dapat kembali lagi. Namun tahu saja tidak cukup, antara mengetahui melalui apa yang dibaca dan didengar dengan mengalami sendiri tentunya adalah dua hal yang berbeda.

Semua orang bisa menyembunyikan rasa waswas di balik wajah yang tenang, namun jantung mereka sendiri sudah mulai berdegap kencang. Continue reading “Ema 29 – Warisan Sakra Manavendra”

Ema 28 – Eskpedisi Empat Panji

Istana Langit Selatan – Di dalam sebuah balairung agung, Raja Langit Selatan – Soini VIII, Yang Mulia Patroclus Soini, raja langit generasi ke delapan di Langit Selatan pandangannya menatap tajam ke arah salah satu sudut jagat kahyangan.

Mengenakan gelungan mahkota keemasan, dialah penguasa atas wilayah Langit Selatan – bersama tiga raja langit yang lain menjadi pilar bagi kekaisaran langit. Soini VIII adalah seorang dewa langit agung yang telah bertakhta selama kurang lebih seratus juta tahun.

Tentu saja Soini bukanlah wangsa yang pertama kali menjadi pilar langit Selatan. Siapa pun yang memiliki kekuatan dan dapat merebut takhta raja langit, dia ‘berhak’ menjadi raja langit – selama dia tidak menentang kehendak dan titah kaisar langit. Sedemikian hingga pergantian wangsa bukanlah sesuatu yang aneh, kadang sebuah wangsa dapat bertahan hingga ratusan bahkan ribuan generasi. Wangsa Soini baru pada generasi kedelapan, dan masih termasuk muda dalam catatan hikayat kahyangan.

Dewa langit agung adalah salah satu pencapaian yang tak semua dewa bisa mengharapkannya. Continue reading “Ema 28 – Eskpedisi Empat Panji”