Magi 8 – Strength

Dining hall seemed very lively, and the last sun already set an hour ago — the smell of roasted meats, honey, wine, tea, seasoning and spices all over the air. Unlike the big cities those have moon and star crystals to light the nights, here I could feel the warm of oil lamps and candles.

Outside the streets, people sang their folk songs happily, including the at the across tavern – the Golden Duck Tavern. It seemed the Silver Swan Inn, and Golden Duck Tavern has a close connection to my family, but I didn’t know yet what it is. Both Miss Lina and Miss Mari seem so close to my mother.

At the next morning, we left the city and went to the South. Within the magical carriage were me, Mother, Miss Lina, and Miss Mari. Mother said Miss Lina and Miss Mari would be my elder sisters from now on. Of course, I would call them ‘Sis’ or so when I start to speak in future.

On the first day of five-planned-day, three of us, excluding me, were busy to exchange information. What had startled me that that information included everything that happened within seven empires and hundreds of kingdoms? This information wasn’t just neighborhood’s gossips, but crucial, perhaps tactical, news that could easily shake a country.

‘Mother…, are you going to topple a kingdom?’

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Magi 7 – The Silver Swan and Golden Duck

Some days after that night. I found myself lied down within a straw box that bounced gently every couple second. I was kidnapped! Ups, not really, I was ‘dethroned’ from my royal abode, and forced into exile with my poor mother.

Ehem, well, I thought I would be a nice scriptwriter, don’t you think so?

Perhaps this what people called a tale of a journey. Since ever we left the Royal City of Glaedwine, I could feel a lot of different taste in the air, it was like opening a gift box which we know nothing about it before.

The smell of newly budding grass, the dancing road dust in the wind, the hidden nectars of miscellaneous flowers.

The sound of small streams those rippled their soul for their river of life, the cicadas those send their greeting passed the fairy forest.

And don’t forget, the warm the twin suns, that … Ah okay just forget it, let’s back to our main storyline.

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