Magi 27 – Dragons’ Migration

What is the most exciting gift for a child on his birthday? Well if the child is a boy, he’s surreally loved an adventure. Grandpa and Grandma give me to kind of gifts for my birthday this year, well technically this is my first birthday.

The first gift is a Lunar-scope. This scope can have anyone to see clearly for as far as 50 km under the moonlight. And the second gift is a dragon compass. This compass can wine to wear a dragon is likely hiding where likely day present.

Accompanying the two gifts is a piece of news about dragon migration. Every 500 years, dragons would migrate from far North to the Southern Sea. And that will happen again this year exactly around a week from today they will pass near our village.Read more

Magi 26 – Did You Forget It?

Before I realize it, again, months flew away since the last incident. Fortunately, the village has no newspaper. Otherwise, there will be a headline ‘Baby Eiwa knocked out from overeating at Village Night Feast!’ What a shame, not because of the headline, but I yet tasted the whole buffet.

Suddenly, I heard from Mother that Grandma and Grandpa would visit us.

‘Eeee…, after that long time, they finally remember that they have a grandson?’

Nothing big particularly happen during this time.

Lily, as usual, she came and gone. If she came, Ione would become a sweating doll. If the Queen Spirit left, Ione would be dancing all day. Ione already reached Middle Tier Grand Mage last week, she was happy, yet worry about the next level practice, but also didn’t want to give up.Read more

Magi 25 – Happiness for Many, Misery for One

A week after the incidental high-leveled spirit summing. I found that Mother, Mari, Lina, sat with a solemn expression and looked at the darkening Eastern horizon.

‘What was their thinking?’

As soon as I noticed that they see the same point somewhere in the skyline belt, I got curious and looked at it too.

There was a bright star, shining brightly, I understood, ‘This…? Isn’t this the mythical Supreme Goddess Star – the Fionnuala Star? I believe it has ten thousand years of the cycle, and it was believed as an excellent omen. But why Mom looks so serious?’

I tried to remember any astrological records that Mother put in our house, but I couldn’t think any severe matter about this? Perhaps since it’s already ten thousand years, people forget about it, or there is merely no wide-ranging record since the beginning.Read more

Magi 24 – I am too Lazy

Have you ever in that kind of situation where people recognize you wrongly? Later they said it as an uncanny resemblance.  It was a disturbing experience. I didn’t see why, but I think I got that feeling from the spirit I summoned.

Ione also shocked, but she was frightened by looking at the Spirit Queen reaction toward Eiwa.

“Your Highness, do you perhaps recognize my little Brother?” Ione spoke a trembling voice; she was afraid his little brother had done mischief thing before, who knew what this petite troublemaker had done with his summoning capability?

Perhaps he accidentally summoned a high leveled lily spirit to buy him a jar of violet-cane honey.

I did casually summon her, but she looked at me as looking a long-lost child — what a strange summoned spirit.Read more

Magi 23 – For the Smile of Fallen Maiden

Even the news of Battle Princess was coming from Padmaloka; many were still skeptical. They would ask, ‘Is this a sign that Padmaloka will have a successor?’ But. Another question would arise, ‘Why the successor didn’t leave Padmaloka, but only the maid?’, ‘The successor already the for eons, why no one knows about him?’

The popularity of Battle Princess was still rising to the top. Many top powers send her invitation to visit their place. Many schools and academies were sent invitations for Battle Princess to attend their school as a guest elder.

She politely rejected all the proposal, she said, if there is fate in future, she sure will give a visit.Read more

Magi 22 – Battle Maiden

That era perhaps has long lost in the flow of time. But those who lived in that era know the cosmos-shaking battle that changes people the understanding of ultimate power forever.

Every few years, Lily would return to Padmaloka finding her Young Master. Sometimes she would bring delicacy, and most of the time she would bring collected works and books of the countless author from Three Realms since she knows that her Young Master love reading book the most.

“Young Master, Lily has returned. I bring you new fish type somewhere from the corner of the universe.” She said while hugged her Young Master.

“Really? Come and sit, let us enjoy it together.” The Young Master just caressed her hair gently.Read more

Magi 21 – The Enlightened Celestial Maiden Flower

Countless eons ago, within Padmaloka, there a celestial pool, filled with the eternal life energy. Many kinds of Padma – water lily grew there. It made breathtaking sacred scenery.

One of the Padma was the oldest, it big enough that its essence core has sufficient dimensional space for a person to take leisure within.

Yes, there was a person, a young teenager around his sixteenth. He was laying down with a book in his hand. He usually came around twice or thrice every seven days. And he would stay there to read a book or two.

Nothing seemed unique with this young boy, yet everything about him was mystical. There is no worldly energy or mana fluctuation on him. But each time he breathed in and breathed out, the laws of the universe follow his breathing, dancing and running around within and outside him. If he was laughing while he read, the laws were jumping in happiness, if he was frowning while he read, the laws became terrified.

This continued for couple more eons, until one day, he was no longer alone. But there was a pair of spiritual eyes started to form not long ago and watched him with curiosity.Read more

Magi 20 – Summoning Class

Time inevitably run fast, six months already passed since I came to this world. Suddenly, I didn’t know, and sometimes I felt already old enough. Not because of the six months, but there is more pseudo-time I spent inside my sea of consciousness now and then, and that was a place where time didn’t exist.

I might only around six months, but I already capable of running as fast as a six-year-old kid. Why if you asked? Perhaps this because of that bid-headed Book of Pono, the first four volumes gave me an accelerated inner growth, including calmness, the capability of making a decision quickly and efficiently, body strength, an evolution of the ethereal system, and of course manipulation the inner and outer fabric of space and time.

Yes, I could speak already, but I chose to say a very few words, and prefer to apply body sign and language. I didn’t want some maid to fall from extreme surprise or extreme cuteness, and of course, the most important thing is to maintain the image of a cool gentleman.

Well, everything would be perfect. Except for this image didn’t work for some person.Read more

Magi 19 – A Conversation Between Aunt and Niece

Gathering and celebration, even the village chief himself arranged the party at the village square tonight. They villager bring their best culinary skills, sweet juice, local loaves of bread, strong wine and fragrant meats were part where traditional music brighten the night.

It seemed that father and mother were helping this village a lot in the past. Even children knew them or heard their legend.

People also came to Ione and pinched my cheeks. Suddenly, I became a star of the show.

“I don’t believe I can live to see the young master.” Said a very old man who perhaps lives his hundreds.

“Hei Old Man Benjamin, you should live long enough until the Young Master get married in future.” Said an aunty beside her.

“Ai, I want to witness it you know. But look at me, do you think with this broken back and old age – I can survive another year or two?” The old man sighed.

“Old Man didn’t you brag at us last week that your granddaughter who married to the son of neighboring village chief gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. She can be in the law of our Lady if she can marry this handsome Young Master. So, why do you want to die too early before you see their wedding?” The aunty teased the old man.Read more

Magi 18 – Violet Cane Village

Dark black smoke soared within pitch dark night. We were watching from the top of a hill three kilometers from our destroyed tent. Holy Maiden of Phoenix Clan name not just for a show, she was capable of silently transporting all of us to this place in a blink of the eyes.

“Well, are you really sure that you won’t deal with them?” asked Iole.

Mother shook her head, “Let them be, we are capable of sparing their lives, so don’t deliberately take them away.”

“Bah, you are always as merciful as those priests of any goddess’ temples. It’s so annoying to stay with you. Btw, we should now discuss a more serious issue.”

“Ara, what it is my Holy Maiden?”

“So, is this thing really your bloodline?”

‘Oi, oi, oi, a lady should not point her index to a handsome baby boy like me and said me as a thing.’Read more

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