Magi 17 – A Dark End

Violet sky has replaced the gentle azure, the sun slumbered fast, while the stars took their stage without poised twinkling dance. A simple night of dream for many people, but not for some others.

Around five-kilometer, two group of black-clothed men converted and had a conversation in the dark.

Each leader sat face to face.

“Henrik, we now have about a hundred men, there should not be a problem with ambushing the target. But we yet to hear any word from our Lord. This really makes fell tense.” Said the white-masked man.

“Yes, it is not his Lordship’s habit to let his men stay in the dark on a mission. Do you have any idea Rustam?” A man with a red mask asked in return.

There are around a hundred men inside a dark wood, they used to do their job flawlessly. But this time, an unprecedented situation had emerged. They lost their touch with the one who commanded them the mission.

“We have no many choices left, the poison effect will wear out pretty soon, if there were any mage among them, then we may have additional casualty if we delay any longer. So, whether we ambush them right now, or we cease our chasing but left behind some tails and waiting for contact with our Lord.”

“You are right Rustam, but since the earliest information stated that we should complete this mission in no more than three days, we have not many chances, perhaps this would be the most perfect chance that we have. If we learn about their traveling pattern, there is no guarantee that we will have a better one. So, I’ll call for a move, how about you?”Read more

Magi 16 – The Holy Maiden of Phoenix Clan

Edwena not only consists of seven empires as superpower entities. More powers stand tall without care too much about the mundane world. The Dragon Gate, the Ancient Elf Wood, Endless Sea Domination, Beast Empire, and the Heavenly Phoenix Clan.

While there are also some humanity powers that strong enough to stand side by side with any empire, they just like the Silver Swan Inn, the Golden Duck Restaurant, the White Wolf Mercenaries Alliance, the Golden Sun Mage Tower, the Ten Thousand Academies Society, the Blacksmith Brotherhood, the Red Moon of Assassins’ Nest, the Edwena Apothecary and Alchemist Consortium, and many more.

The one who sits among us was the Holy Maiden of Phoenix Clan. Her face you may say as one of those rare celestial beauties, her temper may bewitch the hearts of many.

“Eh, I’ve heard for a long time about the legendary Twin Battle Angels that shocked the entire world. So, should we have a ‘friendly match’?”

Her words were cold, her stare even colder.Read more

Magi 15 – Twin Battle Angels

Usually, the city Milena was a bustling city with the peaceful life of its citizens. Even the comer stayed with the city’s favorite slogan, ‘We come in peace.’ But this bright, quiet usual morning will meet an unprecedented event.

A thunderous voice echoed through the city when the sun just about heating the central square.

“ALL Silver Swan Guards heed my command! Prepare for Battle!”

The major who just about to bite his cheesy bread was jumping from his chair and got splashed by hot beverage on a wonderful painful spot. He could not think anything but cursing, “F**k! Who the hell dared to step on dragon’s tail. Were they trying to ruin my city! S**t! I’ll cut those a******s into pieces!”

The maids who never heard the major cursed before were terrified. But they didn’t even get to calm before another man’s thunderous voice echoed again above the city’s sky.

“ALL Golden Duck Protectors obey my command! At arms!”Read more

Magi 14 – A Dark Cloud

War gives humanity two kinds of options, whether you would care for the life of the innocent, or you choose to see them as an absolute ignorable entity – or just as an inevitable price of war. War was and will always be part of any sentient being’s civilizations.

After a while, there was no any particular danger sign. Lina and Mari still silently surveyed many things around us without making any odd gestures or movements.

“Ione lets return the carriage, it is getting hot out here.”

Mother took Ione and go within the carriage. While I was still on her little hands’ care.

Inside the carriage, Mother made a gesture and Ione nodded, she understood that she must keep calm and silent.Read more

Magi 13 – A Dark Confrontation

Valley of the unknown, a strange windy road, a new kind of wood’s scent, and an unfamiliar pair of tiny hands – those holding my body firmly.

This peculiar situation was started with a conversation about an hour before.

“Madam, where will we go?” Lina asked.

“I am yet to decided it, but I have a feeling that if we continue in this road, we’ll eventually meet it.”

“Madam, you said that because you want to clean a small problem before reaching that place, don’t you?”

Mother just smiled and threw a gaze to far beyond the carriage’s window.

Lina and Mari also smiled, they have followed Mother for years from behind the shadow. They knew precisely how Mother would act in this kind of situation.Read more

Magi 12 – A Dark Plan

The small girl was holding the hand of her unconscious brother. Even her brother still stayed still, and she knew that her brother was getting better, his breath no longer buried and hurried, his face no longer pale. Her brother was like having his peaceful dream.

With her small hands, she held it tighter, “Big Brother, I won’t say goodbye, I’ll leave for awhile, and we’ll meet again very soon. So, when we meet again, I wish to see you stand and smile again, pick and raise me on your shoulder. Do not sleep too long. This city is so beautiful than the last city we visited; you should go out and enjoy its delicacies a bit. I’ll leave with Aunt Flo for now. I wish we can meet again Big Brother.”Read more

Magi 11 – Ione

Life is a temporary thing, yet it is. It made people think that life is precious. But then, some people thought that one life is more valuable than the other. This kind of thinking was found everywhere around the world.

I wished I could ask about Father since Mother nearly never mentioned him before. But let leave it for the right moment in the future.

Even I never show Red Eyed Green Dragon, or its poison, I have read about it on the Way of Three Realms, and isn’t it just another green lizard’s d***y nails?

Well, since there was this Vast Sky of Ten Thousand Compounding, it should able to help create a kind of universal antivenin.

I moved my little body, but it just became a little twitch.Read more

Magi 10 – Fear Not

Dozens of people crammed the road around the entry, mostly adult. And in their center were two groups of people. The first is a little girl with a boy that seemed injured behind her. The other is a group of black-clothed foreigners.

Between the group was standing an old man around sixty, he was the manager of Milena’s Silver Swan Inn. His back was shielding the two children.

“Old Man, you should not interfere with our business here.” The black-clothed foreigners’ leader spoke.

“Sir, I would not interfere in your business was nothing to do with my business.” The old man said with a humble smile.

“We will compensate you for this inconvenient, but first, move! Those rats are runaway slaves of our Master!”Read more

Magi 9 – Book of Pono

From time to time, along with the journey, I strangely felt sleepy longer than I used to be. I felt this condition around the last three days of our trip. And so, when we arrived at Milena, I slept quietly just when Mother put me down on the bed.

It was on that endless clear ocean – I found my consciousness stand still.

‘What is this place?’

The horizon seemed frozen within an endless time. The azure sky perhaps silent for eternity. The bright blue ocean, was it hiding a secret?

‘So, the last time I was here, it was not a dream? Or perhaps this is a dream? If so, what a strange one it is.’

My consciousness took the form of an adult body. This body stands still, just like how everything unmoved around it.

Even this stillness felt like forever, and somehow there was a connection that I felt between myself in the whole dimension. Like I was it.

Suddenly, I sensed something, a small dot in some remote corner of the horizon, it so little that I failed noticed before. And I felt I could take it closer to me.Read more

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