Magi 34 – Burden of the Living

When the night fell, Lady Priestess took us to a cave within a lush valley for night rest. This cave was large enough to accommodate around sixty wagons. It was clean with the wall and palate covered with fluorescent shells.

This cave was used by travelers, merchants, adventures to take a rest; so, we could find many traces of camping activities. It has a spring, but only enough for drinking and cooking, it would take too long to collect water for bathing.

The children formed a circle, led by Marciano Frano – Marcia, and Alinafe Micha – simply Micha, both were the eldest among us. We called them the Double M.

Marcia the first one who opened the discussion, “Everyone, there a twelve of us, I believe we already introduced ourselves to each other along the way, so there is no need any more introduction.”

Everyone nodded.Read more

Magi 33 – The Snow Moon Priestess

The moon couldn’t be prettier than the last night, but for the next couple of nights, it would be getting more charming than ever.

But I still didn’t believe I almost got forty-eight hours of exclusive lecture about the Three Realms from my mother. Well, since she was a librarian, it was not surprising that she knows many things from the books, scriptures, scrolls, and her own researches.

I did consult her about the Book of Pono, and she didn’t know much since the book was long lost in history. I had not dared to reveal the knowledge that I have on this book. I was afraid that the forty-eight hours of exclusive lecture became forty-nine days and forty-nine nights of bottomless discussion.

More than anything, I was glad for being able to stay on her embrace and learn many things.

Unfortunately, there was a price for everything. Mother gave me an errand.Read more

Magi 32 – Masters of Mortal World

Every year, a Cane Spirit Festival took place over the Violet Cane Village. Villager, travelers, and merchants would spend a night on festive and prayer at the Cane Spirit Shrine that located above the Northern Hill.

People were busied with their respective roles on this festival. Except for the priestess, others would run around the village for particular errands.

It has been a full month after the Dragon tribes’ migration, but I still can not any change on this egg.

‘It is obviously a dragon egg, perhaps from chaos dragon tribe since there is primordial chaos pattern on its’ shell.’

Well, that incident gave me a headache.

After tricking that damned old lizard with Ione’s great escape magic, fortunately, I succeeded in the hidden teleportation process to our nearest guardians, Lina and Mari. They were doing an errand to keep us safe from a certain distant – secretly.Read more