4 – The Family Business

That night, the boy—Edder, the twin—Dora and April, the lady of the house, and the young personal maid—Nana sat together around a simple round dining table. They had some local specialties for supper. “Son, are you sure you don’t want to enter Gauri Royal Academy? Our family has some connection inside. Don’t you want any […]

3 – The Boy

A boy, around ten or eleven years old, slept comfortably on a warm bed with a breeze of summer running from an open balcony of the second floor. On his right side, a woman around twenty was sitting in a chair while reading the local evening newspaper. She was like an angel with golden hair, […]

2 – Miss Molly and the Letter

A girl was standing quietly in front of a magical fireplace. Her shadow danced between the slip of lights around the middle-aged decorated walls. In front of her, a black-haired lady was sipping her evening coffee, sat on a chair of antiquity. She put her cup, “Rara, I have got a reply from the capital.” […]

1 – Prolog

The wild wind softly blew the sand on the humble grassland, bent the grasses as those blades danced to the sky. Blood-like skyline painted the view behind a simple posy over a pair of unnamed tombs. A girl with butterfly comb knelled-down with clasped-hands; paid no attention to crimson sunset at the far-away horizon. “Dad, […]

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