Magi 34 – Burden of the Living

When the night fell, Lady Priestess took us to a cave within a lush valley for night rest. This cave was large enough to accommodate around sixty wagons. It was clean with the wall and palate covered with fluorescent shells.

This cave was used by travelers, merchants, adventures to take a rest; so, we could find many traces of camping activities. It has a spring, but only enough for drinking and cooking, it would take too long to collect water for bathing.

The children formed a circle, led by Marciano Frano – Marcia, and Alinafe Micha – simply Micha, both were the eldest among us. We called them the Double M.

Marcia the first one who opened the discussion, “Everyone, there a twelve of us, I believe we already introduced ourselves to each other along the way, so there is no need any more introduction.”

Everyone nodded.Read more

Magi 33 – The Snow Moon Priestess

The moon couldn’t be prettier than the last night, but for the next couple of nights, it would be getting more charming than ever.

But I still didn’t believe I almost got forty-eight hours of exclusive lecture about the Three Realms from my mother. Well, since she was a librarian, it was not surprising that she knows many things from the books, scriptures, scrolls, and her own researches.

I did consult her about the Book of Pono, and she didn’t know much since the book was long lost in history. I had not dared to reveal the knowledge that I have on this book. I was afraid that the forty-eight hours of exclusive lecture became forty-nine days and forty-nine nights of bottomless discussion.

More than anything, I was glad for being able to stay on her embrace and learn many things.

Unfortunately, there was a price for everything. Mother gave me an errand.Read more

Magi 32 – Masters of Mortal World

Every year, a Cane Spirit Festival took place over the Violet Cane Village. Villager, travelers, and merchants would spend a night on festive and prayer at the Cane Spirit Shrine that located above the Northern Hill.

People were busied with their respective roles on this festival. Except for the priestess, others would run around the village for particular errands.

It has been a full month after the Dragon tribes’ migration, but I still can not any change on this egg.

‘It is obviously a dragon egg, perhaps from chaos dragon tribe since there is primordial chaos pattern on its’ shell.’

Well, that incident gave me a headache.

After tricking that damned old lizard with Ione’s great escape magic, fortunately, I succeeded in the hidden teleportation process to our nearest guardians, Lina and Mari. They were doing an errand to keep us safe from a certain distant – secretly.Read more

Magi 31 – Not A Magus

Night and Chaos, what a delightful combination. If someone is looking for the taste of agony and the smell of death, then this was a perfect moment.

We saw that creature who called himself Volos was fighting desperately but without any loss of bravery. The sky was full of sparkling lightning bolts and rumbling thunders. Every few seconds, the night sky was no longer like a night sky.

“Eiwa, think something. It seems we have no more time.”

‘Girl, why you suddenly fall pessimistic?’

“Because I cannot be sure to win that big dragon.”


Then why would you act like above the air before?Read more

Magi 30 – The Descent of Chaos

From the orange skyline into the dark night sky, tonight pictures only came twice in a millennium. People call it the Celestial Parade of Ten Thousand Auroras.

Why? Since each dragon became a luminous object with different pattern and colors.

Some will have a pattern of bright light on their abdomens, and some were strip lucent on their dorsal, or some bright dots around their neck through to the tails.

Stronger dragons would have a blinding glow of lights, and they would make the moon became shy on the night.


“Brat stop right there!”

“D**n you, old lizard. This is a family business. Stay out of it!”

“Family your a*s you little imp! Return the Her Majesty’s Child right now!”

“Bah, this is my little sister. I must protect her. Do you want to take her away? Step over my dead body!”

“You b*****d. If not because I give a face to the late Queen, I am already skinned you alive! You are not even part of the clan. So, you wish to create a commotion on this sacred pilgrim?”

“I am not, it is you, old lizard!”

Between the lights, those were dancing in the night sky. Two dots seemed flying fast. One gave chase to the other.Read more

Magi 29 – The Feelings

Became a victim from someone else quarrels were one of the pathetic things in this world. I touched my swollen checks, and the pain will remain for some hours for this kind of bruises.

This girl is unbelievably terrible when she out of her mind.

People from Black Antlers Sect already left. They left just like that. I have a feeling that next time our meeting would be the battlefield.

“They came at the worst timing,” Ione grumbled.

‘Bad thing always come at a bad time, if not why people call it a bad thing?’

Both of us sit under the Golden Spruce. Ione sipped her tea while I enjoyed my milk. The warm fragrance of tea and honey danced around us.Read more

Magi 28 – Rage of a Grand Magus

Ancient people of the East said used to say, ‘You can easily enter the doorway of heaven, but instead you pushed yourself to the gateless hell. Whom would you blame for your own foolishness?’

“Yo Brats!” The senior brother yelled at us, “Where is your old man? Call him here; we must have this place.”

Ione stood there in front of me.

Her silence was more than a thousand words.

The three teenager girls didn’t like how Ione acted.

“Senior Brother, she is around five or six. Moreover, there is no other here. Perhaps their parents left them here. Just kick them out, we would only be wasting time to try to speak to them.”

The senior brother nodded, the snapping his finger. The two elders directly moved towards us.Read more

Magi 27 – Dragons’ Migration

What is the most exciting gift for a child on his birthday? Well if the child is a boy, he’s surreally loved an adventure. Grandpa and Grandma give me to kind of gifts for my birthday this year, well technically this is my first birthday.

The first gift is a Lunar-scope. This scope can have anyone to see clearly for as far as 50 km under the moonlight. And the second gift is a dragon compass. This compass can wine to wear a dragon is likely hiding where likely day present.

Accompanying the two gifts is a piece of news about dragon migration. Every 500 years, dragons would migrate from far North to the Southern Sea. And that will happen again this year exactly around a week from today they will pass near our village.Read more

Magi 26 – Did You Forget It?

Before I realize it, again, months flew away since the last incident. Fortunately, the village has no newspaper. Otherwise, there will be a headline ‘Baby Eiwa knocked out from overeating at Village Night Feast!’ What a shame, not because of the headline, but I yet tasted the whole buffet.

Suddenly, I heard from Mother that Grandma and Grandpa would visit us.

‘Eeee…, after that long time, they finally remember that they have a grandson?’

Nothing big particularly happen during this time.

Lily, as usual, she came and gone. If she came, Ione would become a sweating doll. If the Queen Spirit left, Ione would be dancing all day. Ione already reached Middle Tier Grand Mage last week, she was happy, yet worry about the next level practice, but also didn’t want to give up.Read more

Magi 25 – Happiness for Many, Misery for One

A week after the incidental high-leveled spirit summing. I found that Mother, Mari, Lina, sat with a solemn expression and looked at the darkening Eastern horizon.

‘What was their thinking?’

As soon as I noticed that they see the same point somewhere in the skyline belt, I got curious and looked at it too.

There was a bright star, shining brightly, I understood, ‘This…? Isn’t this the mythical Supreme Goddess Star – the Fionnuala Star? I believe it has ten thousand years of the cycle, and it was believed as an excellent omen. But why Mom looks so serious?’

I tried to remember any astrological records that Mother put in our house, but I couldn’t think any severe matter about this? Perhaps since it’s already ten thousand years, people forget about it, or there is merely no wide-ranging record since the beginning.Read more

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