Eiwa 1 – History of Chaos in Three Realms

Nobody knew, where that horrible news came. The fall of Padmaloka, the death of the great creator. The prologue of chaotic symphonies all over three realms.

Padmaloka, the realm that oversaw all realms, collapsed hundreds of centuries ago without any warning. Many experts and masters from three realms came to seek the truth.

But what they found? A broken great gate, the only gate to entering Padmaloka.

They waited there cautiously for a century full, before one by one left in with their own preoccupied mind.

A century later a great war broke out within nine underworlds, a year later the similar situation happened in nine heavens.

The last nine worlds seem crushed like an ant trapped in the middle of two great elephant fight.Read more

Eiwa 0 – Prologue

I am the sin of nine heavens, the nine worlds, and the nine underworlds.

Perhaps the great creator has made his first mistake when I born within the very first samsara. But sure, he denied it, ‘Samsara itself just an illusion, how can an illusion become a mistake?’, he was laughing out loud and made spring lasting for one Kalpa – an eon of great joy for all living beings in the realms.

For an eon, I drown myself, my mind, in deep contemplation.

Then I went for another question, I just could not understand, is my very existence just an illusion?

‘You want an answer?’ He asked me.Read more

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