Magi 4 – Arrijana Adelina

The sun shined brightly above the royal city of Glaedwine. This capital of Glaedwine was around a thousand-kilometer square, and about to reach ten million in population.

Like most royal cities, Glaedwine Capital has three rings of walls. Outside the outer ring were houses for commoners, farming area, and many activities for supporting the economic interest of Glaedwine. It covered about sixty percent of the capital area.

Behind the outer ring mainly use for housing, houses of civil servants, merchants, and markets for many higher grades good. Most kingdom soldiers and their family also stayed here. Small guilds conveniently established their headquarters here.

The Southern area was designated for housing. The Eastern area was market and economic central areas such as lodging, restaurants, blacksmithing central, apothecaries, and many more. Renowned guilds, such as Magi Guild, Alchemist Guild, Painter Guild, Blacksmith Guild, Engineer Guild, Sword & Shield Guild, Array & Formation Master Guild were all converged here.Read more

Magi 3 – Family

A birth within a family always brought joy and happiness, if not always, I would sure mostly be. For a couple of hours, at least it indeed true for my family.

Guests were flooding our main hall, and from the sound around me, they should be hundreds of them right now.

From the noblest one, the king itself, to commoners like teachers of the magic and knight academy or some random servant families, from the old to their children, they came to give their blessing for the newborn son – which is me.

I knew then that I was born within an aristocratic family, and an important one within this kingdom, the Glaedwine Kingdom.Read more

Magi 2 – The Baby and the Poem

What a great view! All laws danced together under the bright nine stars. Even the most ignorant beings in the nine realms knew that this was a sign – a celestial sign that can affect all the universe.

“The nine starts are shining, the destiny of three realms shall move to an unknown path, the great soul has descended to our universe.”

An old man murmured to himself.

“Grandpa, these stars are shining beautifully, but why you don’t seem happy seeing them?”

A little girl by his side asked him, she smiled and looked just like a little angel. Her hair is like a flowing stream of gold, the white skin, and a bright green and silver pupils – a pair of peculiar heterochromia.Read more

Eiwa 1 – History of Chaos in Three Realms

Nobody knew, where that horrible news came. The fall of Padmaloka, the death of the great creator. The prologue of chaotic symphonies all over three realms.

Padmaloka, the realm that oversaw all realms, collapsed hundreds of centuries ago without any warning. Many experts and masters from three realms came to seek the truth.

But what they found? A broken great gate, the only gate to entering Padmaloka.

They waited there cautiously for a century full, before one by one left in with their own preoccupied mind.

A century later a great war broke out within nine underworlds, a year later the similar situation happened in nine heavens.

The last nine worlds seem crushed like an ant trapped in the middle of two great elephant fight.Read more

Eiwa 0 – Prologue

I am the sin of nine heavens, the nine worlds, and the nine underworlds.

Perhaps the great creator has made his first mistake when I born within the very first samsara. But sure, he denied it, ‘Samsara itself just an illusion, how can an illusion become a mistake?’, he was laughing out loud and made spring lasting for one Kalpa – an eon of great joy for all living beings in the realms.

For an eon, I drown myself, my mind, in deep contemplation.

Then I went for another question, I just could not understand, is my very existence just an illusion?

‘You want an answer?’ He asked me.Read more

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