11 – A Kindness, A Card

Four people strolled within an ‘orbs-illuminated alley.’ There were many stalls with their peculiar goods, mostly they sold charms, prayer kits, incense, myrrh, herbs, pills, potions, concoctions; there were also stalls those sold blessed weapons, armors, or magic arrays in the minority.

People called this alley as the back-vein of Battle Temple since it was situated in the main temple of Battle Goddess’s rear. Pilgrimages also entered the temple from the rear entrance if they need to buy prayer provisions, or when they left after the prayer to buy some souvenirs for their families or friends back home.

“Is there anything you like?” Edder asked his sisters gently.

Both shook their heads, “Mother said we should not buy something that we don’t need.”

Edder rubbed their heads and winked, “Well, what she said is not wrong. But let us make this a secret between us.”

“Big Brother, you are a terrible big brother.” April and Dora giggled and ran to a stall, then to another booth cheerfully.

“They learn and adapt quickly.” Nana laughed at the two.

“Well, it is good for Dora and April. The world shall change faster than their school days to come. It is good capable of quick adaptation.” Edder sighed.

“Young Master, are you sure that you will not interfere with the future?” Nana asked.

“Tempering the temporal fate? You know I dislike that idea. I prefer to sit still with a fishing rod and bait to catch a fish, blowing up the whole river to catch a fish is a bit too much.” Edder smiled and continued to look at his twin sisters.

The two were mingling in front of a stall that sold blessed jewelry. Their eyes glued on a pair of beautifully crafted bracelets. The bracelets have the same carved motives of flowers, snow, and veins. The only reason it did not attract much attention despite its exquisitely crafted was the material. The crafter made them with crude iron, which definitely wasn’t as eye-catching as the jewelry made from silver, gold, or crystals.

“Girls, do you like them?” A granny who looked after the stall asked Dora and April, which they replied by nodding determinedly.

That granny laughed heartedly. “Ho… ho…, you remind me of my cute granddaughter.”

“Granny, you have a granddaughter?” Dora asked.

“Yes, unfortunately, she was not here with me. Her parents took her to study somewhere since they said he has some gift on something that this old woman doesn’t understand.” She then took both bracelets and wore them on each of Dora and April’s left wrist. “This is my gift to you.”

Both girls stared at the old woman, “But Granny, we can not take your goods without paying you. Mother told us it would make it difficult for the seller if the buyer does not pay.”

“Oh my, you have such a wonderful mother to teach you marvelous things. Do not worry, child, and these bracelets did not cost me much. But seeing both of your cheerful faces makes me happy. It is a marvelous thing for this old woman.” She patted their heads gently.

Edder came forward and bowed unhurriedly, “Elder, thank you for the gifts. I believe my sisters would treasure them.”

“Oh ho, what a well-mannered boy. Do you want a bracelet too? I still have many here, come….” The granny asked Edder to look at several of her stuff.

“Thanks for your offer, Elder, but if we take more than what you already gave, our parents definitely will scold us.” Edder smiled and took out a card from his inner pocket. “Here, please take this.”

That granny took the card and looked at it oddly, “Boy, what is a card for this old woman?” She chuckled.

“This is a company card, Granny, if you or your closest ones ever meet any difficulty in the future. Please bring this card to the company named on the card, and help should be available for you. Please take this as our thanks to you.”

Edder smiled and bowed again together with his sisters. Then they left the alley, entering the temple’s rear entrance.

Nana followed them, ‘Ah, that card even could help someone to conquer the entire continent easily. Yet it arrived in the hand of someone who does not care about that kind of thing. The act of the old lady’s kindness was perhaps only small merit in the eyes of divine law, but it has tremendous weight in the eyes of Young Master.”

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