3 – The Boy

A boy, around ten or eleven years old, slept comfortably on a warm bed with a breeze of summer running from an open balcony of the second floor.

On his right side, a woman around twenty was sitting in a chair while reading the local evening newspaper. She was like an angel with golden hair, blue eyes, and a white long sleeve lace applique dress.

Suddenly, she looked at the front door on the ground floor and smiled gently and continue to read her papers like before.

About five minutes later, footsteps echoed in the corridor.

The boy woke up abruptly, his hair was a mess, with a pair of red eyes stared at the door. His breathing became faster, like he yet to escape from a nightmare.

He turned his head to the golden-haired woman.

“Why don’t you warn me?” He asked in bewilderment.

The woman smiled, “Since I foresee no harm.”

“And why it triggers my life and death instinct?”

“I don’t know, and perhaps you just don’t like it?”

The boy face-palmed himself.

He then jumped from the bed, snapped his finger!

Mystically, the bed tidied up itself. The cloth on the wardrobe flew out to the boy, and the pajama on his body bolted out to the windows into the unknown. His face became fresh again, and his hair combed perfectly by a flying comb.

In just a few breaths, he became a perfect young master in a formal black tie.

The woman giggled while the boy glanced at her with a sullen expression.

Not long after, the door was opened.

A lady entered the room with—girls around four or five years old.

“Oh, it was a miracle to see you not on a nap at this hour.” The lady’s sarcastic statement just to the point.

The boy smiled like a gentleman should be, “O my beloved mother, I’ve learned from my past, and learn to control myself better.”

The lady glanced around and saw nothing amiss.

“Fine, let’s move to the main business.”

“Mom, you broke my heart, we are family, what kind of family talk like that.”

“Bah, I even don’t believe I have this kind of son.” She waved her hand, “Okay, let’s talk while we have supper.”

She then reached the twins and pushed them forward. “Dora, April, meets your big brother, Edder. You always asked about your big brother, here he is.”

“Hi, big brother.” The twins were shy but couldn’t hold their curiosity.

“Hello, sweethearts. Please forgive your big brother, and I’ve spent much time on expanding our family business so that you can grow up happily into fine ladies. How about I take both of you to travel around the next day?”

“Yay!” The twins seemed happy, “Thank you, big brother.”

“Heh, your tongue as sweet as always.”


“Okay, let’s have dinner. Traveling between continents makes me tired. You too, Nana, come with us.”

“Yes, my lady.” The woman in white answered courtly.

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