7 – A Vice’s Obligation

Gracefully, a lady stepped out of the colorful brougham. It was in the middle of a thirty-meter-wide street. She looked at the crowd and shook her head. She knew what was going on, and since her young master did not wish to act himself, then she should be able to resolve this minor issue.

“Gentlemen, please open the way. We wish to proceed to the Goddess Sanctum, and according to the law granted by the Goddess herself, it shall deny no pilgrimage entering the sanctum.” The lady, Nana, spoke steadfastly from the beginning.

One of the men in the suit came forward, “Milady, there is an important meeting within Prime Hall ongoing right now. We have our orders to let no one entering the central city premise. Please return, you may stay at a nearby hotel, and come back again after the meeting over.”

“Oh, on whose order?” Nana asked sharply.

“On the order of the high councilor.”

“Which one?”


“Who gave you the order? Was it the old man Bode, the old senile Faust, or that granny Ember?”

Nana mentioned one by one the name of three grand elder of Battle Goddess City who has the most authority to release order of the high councilor.

It surprised the men in suit, for someone so young but could name out their councilor names without care was not without any background. But, to their surprise, what the lady said was the truth, only the three grand elders could issue an order of the high councilor. Unfortunately, the issued order they fulfilled right now has not come from any of the three; even when the city security chief asked the council, he did not receive any straightforward answer either. So, what they were doing now is a breach of the city’s prime law.

The one who led the imperium army saw that the man in the suit was in a tough position to explain. He also did not wish to make an incident on a trivial matter. His job was to support the Emperor’s delegations to win favor from the city council in the glorious war of humanity against the demonic states.

“This lady, I am the Commander of Fourth Imperial Army, Berhanu Margus. Under the order of His Majesty, the Emperor, I am here to protect the imperial delegation to…”

But before he finished his sentences, Nana cut it off, “Bah, the dog of Fion dare to bark here! What kind of authority gives you the gall to bark?”

“You!” The commander was outraged, “Dare to blaspheme His Majesty” name!” He pointed to the lady, “Guards, arrest this lunatic!”

Loyalty was the buried code deep within each soldier, no one may touch the code and remain safe and sound, or they would not call themselves soldiers of the imperium.

But before they move a muscle, Nana threw a medallion in front of the group, “Dogs should be dogs, make a single move, and I’ll make your master bleeds no less than a trillion gold each day, and make your so-called civilization crumble in days.”

When they saw the medallion, they knew that they would better off facing the army of dragon right now. There were two taboos in the sky, and one on the land. The two prohibitions in the sky were the Immortal Abodes in the far East and Sorceress Palaces in the far West. You may make war in the land with kings, monarchs, demon tribes, even divine beast, but never touch the Grand Merchants Partnership, they could move all the money in the world against you that even deities and gods afraid to shelter you.

And the medallion was the identification of the Head of Grand Merchants Partnership!

“Move aside!” Nana roared, “You made me late from fulfilling my obligation, my young master and mistress need to have their breakfast.”

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