1 – Prolog

The wild wind softly blew the sand on the humble grassland, bent the grasses as those blades danced to the sky. Blood-like skyline painted the view behind a simple posy over a pair of unnamed tombs.

A girl with butterfly comb knelled-down with clasped-hands; paid no attention to crimson sunset at the far-away horizon.

“Dad, Mom, it has been six years today. I missed you.”

Her prayer was simple words. It would condense any more narrations within tears, falling on the silent ground.

This day, every year, she let all the pain in her heart to flow freely.

This day every year, she faced her fragile mind, braced for the sadness that mixed with loneliness.

She was sixteen this year; she was no longer a child that knows nothing; yet this day, every year, she wished to become the child that never grew up.


Later all her shields crumbled, she sobbed heavily under the crimson sky.

An hour passed by.

She bowed silently the tombs, then turned around and walked away without looking back.


Miłogost was the official name of a city on the Eastern Coast, but locals referred to it as Ogost. Here was the first intercontinental port built, a port that connected trade-line between main continent Gilad with eastern continent Isla. Later many foreigners landed here and become part of today’s locals through the generation of history. So, it named Miłogost—a dear guest.

Like any other port cities, Ogost was built adjacent to the coastline. Building and housing were built with rocks and stones, with a massive roof made of the heaviest wood. This would help protect them from the sea’s wind and storm. Even the pavement could hold the weight of a mega transporter.

A girl walked gently on the centuries-old sidewalks. Sometimes she stopped to see poster or pamphlet those randomly placed at the wall and post.

After passing some stores, groceries, and offices, she arrived at a small corner of the alleyway.

There stood an inconspicuous glass-fronted building, with a hardly to-read aged signboard, “Molly’s Pet Shelter.”

When she opened the shelter’s door, she instantly sniffed many peculiar scents mixed together. And within this hundred or so meter square room, there were many animals within the cage, coop, or mew; otherwise they just running or strolling around the floor or tables.

“Oh, Rara, you came.”

A familiar girly voice came from one of the corners.

“Good evening, Yui. I’ll take over for the night shift now. Is there any special concern we have for tonight or tomorrow morning?” Rara, the girl who just entered the shelter, replied.

“No, everything just like the usual.”

Yui was a ten-year-old girl; she was like Rara, doing volunteer work on this shelter.

“Where is Miss Molly?”

Just before she was about to look around, something jumped to her left shoulder made her surprised.

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