10 – I don’t really care

A female attendant was knocking a private room’s door on the third floor. “Young Master, Boss, there are guests who wish to meet you.”

“Let them in and prepare additional regale for our guest.” A deep voice came from inside the room.

The attendant gently opened the door. A lavish room came into view. “Please….” She showed the guest the way and their sitting place, and then she left the room.

The attention of the two guests now fell onto the boy. He sat leisurely behind the opposite side of the same table. He was an immature boy, far younger than both guests who already in early and late their twenties, he even yet to reach teenage.

The boy smiled to them, “So, what brings the Eldest Princess and the Fifth Prince visited us this late morning?”

In his calm eyes, one could not see his intention or plan. He was like a blank paper covering a deep, still ocean.

The Eldest Princess offered a gesture of respect, “You must be Mr. Elioenai Ælred Chavarría, the head of Baggi Trading Company. It is our luck and pleasure to meet a young prodigy like yourself. Since you already know who we are, I believe it would hold no mean in introducing ourselves. I came to apologize for the incident between your party and the empire army this morning. They are soldiers who follow the command, please kindly forgive their offense to you.”

The speech was neither fast nor slow, neither asking nor demanding.

The boy replied calmly, “Eldest Princess, it was the thing of the past, let us not bring it to present. It has no meaning. I am a merchant, and I run away from the fruitless conversation. Now tell me, what does the empire try to achieve in Battle Goddess City?”

“We wish to unite more power within humankind’s civilization to win the grand war again the looming threats of demonic nations.” The Fifth Prince answered with a passionate tone. He thought if he could draw the merchant’s alliance to their side, he would contribute significantly to the cause.

But the prince did not see that the princess slightly dissatisfied.

“Oh, that is interesting.” The boy smiled, “How exactly a minor city like Battle Goddess City can provide help in this war? Despite its history, it holds no significant power. It is the common knowledge I believe.”

“Boy, you might not know.” The Fifth Prince became prouder in replying to the boy, “This city not only has a long history but also connected to the central power of Free Cities Pact. Almost a thousand cities with powerhouses who are not affiliated in any kingdom or nation. If the empire could get their support, then the war shall belong to humanity.”

The boy nodded, “Indeed, even for our company, we have yet to reach all cities that belong to Free Cities Pact. But, as far as I imagine, it would not be easy to get their support. I believe nothing is free in this world. What kind of price your emperor willing to spend on this goal?”

Just when the Fifth Prince about to speak, the Eldest Princess held his hand.

‘Ah, this brother of mine. He did not even realize when he fell into a trap. And about to blabbering our trade secret to an outsider. And this little demon, truly capable of maneuvering in the slit of the tongue. He is dangerous.’

“Mister Chavarría. I beg your pardon, but our transaction with Battle City Goddess is top secret. Please forgive us since we cannot disclose it to anyone.” The Eldest Princess bowed respectfully.

The boy shook his head, “Well, I don’t really care. It is your empire stuff. But let me warn you out of my kindness.”

The Eldest Princess and the Fifth Prince suddenly felt that the room’s temperature had dropped quickly. They felt under pressure, just like when they were facing powerhouses of the old, making them bowed and closed their own eyes.

“There is always cause and effect in this world. There is also a reason in every existence, each being. When the Battle Goddess City raised, the last chaotic era ended. This city is the culmination of power that stopped the nightmare, but not the very city itself, but the embodied principle that live within its wall, protected by its people. If the principle is lost or gone, the history shall repeat itself. Your so-called supremacy for humanity will crumble in front of a future you never dare to dream. I do not care what your empire or others’ powers try to achieve, but there is a thin line in this world if you ever cross it, you will never be capable of returning. Just like ashes to the burning wood.”

The boy merely spoke, no threat, no demand, no wish, but those words like sculpted by someone deep within their soul. They could help but gasped deeply a minute later, just when they opened their eyes – there was no one else within the chamber, only two of them and a strange reticence.

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