12 – The Shrine Crumbled

Just before noon, the four of them passed a gigantic arched gopura – that was carved imitating twin leviathans. The Gate of Water Dragons, that was how people called as it depicted the noble summoned spirit of the Battle Goddess when she walked within the gory battlefront eons ago.

“Big Brother, are those dragons?” April asked.

“Are there really dragons in this world?” Dora filled up their curiosity.

“Oh, do you know about the dragon?” Edder picked up their interest.

April and Dora shook their head. “We only heard from Daddy and Mom’s stories.” Said Dora. “But, Ratimir always said that their ancestors were dragon-slayers, and they even have a dragon-slaying sword and armor made from dragon’s scales in their family’s heirlooms collection,” April said with an annoyed expression.

“Hmm, who is this Ratimir?”

“He is a boy older than us. He frequently played at our home. His parents and ours are best buddies. But he is annoying fellows, all he knows is gabbing.” April expressed her dissatisfaction.

Nana saw a vein popped up in her Young Master’s forehead. She knew someone must get a good beating once he met this bearer of destruction. It did not matter if the opposite imp was the descendant of dragon-slayer; her Young Master even did not fear god-slayer.

“Big Brother, you haven’t answered my question. Is there dragon is this world?” Dora pulled his brother’s sleeve.

“If I say there is, do you believe me?” Edder teased the girl.

The girls stared at him with angry eyes.

“People are saying, seeing is believing. I believe since my childhood; I never saw any dragon in this world.” Edder took their petite hands and guided them to walk entering the temple.

Dora and April grumbled after hearing such a reply. But they soon became enthusiastic when sightseeing the relief that depicted the last grand war. There were also some portrayed the various civilizations that took part in the war. It was an unbelievable sight that in the past, humanity and demon tribe were the element of an alliance once fought side by side. But today, it was only history, a legend, or perhaps just a myth.

Not long after, the four of them entered the main chamber—a rounded grand hall with a giant dark-green dome. In the center of the building, there was a colossal statue of the Battle Goddess—Alisha.

Her statue was ten meters tall, a halfway to the dome. Her right hand held a frost sword pointing to the horizon; her left hand held a nature magic staff standing still on the eternal land. There were three more swords sheathed in her back, but no record ever uncovered on how she used those weapons in wars.

Pilgrimages might not enter around twenty meters in circumference from the base of the statue. They would kneel around the perimeter to pray for a good life or something like that.

“It seems there are almost no people here. Perhaps we should say thanks to the empire delegation to create such a favorable circumstance for us.” Edder chuckled lightly.

“Big Brother, are we going to pray to the Goddess?” April asked curiously.

Nana almost laughed, “Miss April, you and Miss Dora may pray here. But you Big Brother should refrain himself from doing so.”

“Eh, why?” Dora asked.

“Mistress once asked Young Master to pray in the family’s God of Wealth Shrine, and he did not want. When the Mistress pulled him into the entrance of the shrine, he helplessly said, ‘okay, I’ll pray.’ But then the entire shrine crumbled just like that.” Nana smiled like she remembered something so funny, which in turn made April and Dora astonished.

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