13 – The Meeting

Massaging his temple, Edder was taken aback to a moment in his childhood. It was an unpleasant experience, but still, he laughed in the end.

“Come….” Edder took his sisters’ hands and walked toward the statue. Nana followed from behind.

A janitor who saw some guests tried to pass the perimeter was about to warn them, but those guests suddenly disappeared as they walked for a couple of steps.

The janitor confused, rubbed his own eyes, and saw nothing was there. He thought perhaps he was seeing a hallucination since he overworked for the day.

Different from the janitor, about a dozen of shadows who were hiding here and there in the main hall, saw the incident clearly. They gulped down their own saliva and left instantaneously to report to their respective superiors.

April and Dora were just blinking, but they were no longer within the temple. Instead, they saw an infinite meadow where they stood on it. They heard the sound of a flute; the tune was beautiful and enchanting. They felt like being washed away from all boredom while entering the timeless summer.

They found the flute sound came from a chalet far away in front of them. Strangely, how could a sound travel this far and still sound pleasant?

Edder still holds their hands, and he once again said, “Come.”

They took a step, and they already arrived at about ten steps in front of the building.

They saw a lady in crimson played her flute while sat on a round boulder. She seemed unaware of the coming guests, and the guests seemed to enjoy the music and did not bother the lady.

A minute later, the lady stopped playing the flute. She turned to her visitors and smiled, “You have come.”

She invited them to enter her house and asked them, “What would you like?”

“A cup of tea, please.” Said Edder calmly.

The guests sat in the guestroom, and the lady walked to the kitchen. She soon boiled fresh water and made the tea.

April tugged his brother’s sleeve, “Big Brother, why is that sister look like the statue we saw in the temple? And where are we now?”

Edder glanced at her sister, “You are an inquisitive young lady, aren’t you? Well, why don’t you ask that sister later?”

“Big Brother, why you always avoid answering our questions?” Dora puffed her cheeks up.

“You must learn many things, and many of them will not come from me. I do not want both of you to have too much dependable in me. Of course, if you cannot find your answer, I still will help you.” Edder answered them.

Fortunately, the girls were not growing up ignorantly. They learned many things from their parents in forms of stories and formal education. They even had exclusive teachers in many study fields. They nodded as they understood what their brother meant.

The lady came back with a teapot and cups. A fresh, unique, and pleasant tea scent lingered in the air. She poured a cup of tea, and about the gave in to her guest when suddenly she felt an intimate relationship with the boy, a closeness that made her sensed comfortable.

She wanted to ask the boy, but the boy reached the teacup on her hand, “I should accept this when Little Lumi took you to the peak for the first time. But it is not too late, isn’t it?”

Her hand trembled softly after she heard what he said.

That name was too intimate with her; Lumi, Eira, Nieves, Xue, Yuki, Edurne, were the different names referred to the same person, the Lady of Eternal Wynter, her one and only teacher. And the one who could call her teacher with Little Lumi was …

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