14 – The Orphan and the Little Girl

She was an orphan; her family perished with a war. All she had done was to survive. For a child, survival in the time war and within wilderness never been an easy feat. But somehow, she survived, at least for years, until she reached an age when slave traffickers made her their target. A weak girl with no protection is a useful commodity, and when she has a fair skin plus pretty face, it became better.

Fortunately, even her body was weak, but her mind was amazingly sharp. She learned many things, such as martial arts, wizardry, potions all by herself. So, despite being hunted, she managed to escape from time to time—unfortunately, many of her friends who had helped her fallen amid the war.

She hated the war; she hated her weak self; she hated her fate, and foremost she hated the twisted world of the living beings. Her life became an embodiment of hatred.

Someday, in the coldest winter. She was about to return to her hidden cave after collecting firewood and hunting for wildlife. She found a girl, around five or six years old, slept with only thin clothes on a flat rock.

Instinctively, she rushed to the little girl.

“Hey, are you okay? Wake up!” She shook the girl.

“Uh…?” The girl opened her eyes.

“Who are you? Why have you slept here? Is there anyone with you?” She asked the girl, worriedly.

“I am sleepy…” The girl closed her eyes again.

“No! Don’t sleep here.”

She took the girl on her back, and she ran as fast as possible to her hiding cave.

Within the cave, she put the girl on the rock floor gently. She wrapped her body in beast-hides. Then she lighted up the fire.

Not long after, the little girl woke up from the smell of the roasted beast meat.

Seeing the little girl woke up, she offered her some meat, “Do you want some?”

The little girl nodded.


She put a slice of warm meat with light seasoning on a clean plate. She helped the little girl washed her hands using water magic.

The little girl then ate slowly, and it seemed no change in her facial expression. And it was a bizarre thing for a little girl that stranded in the middle of nowhere.

She asked her again, “Do you came here with someone?”

The little girl shook her head.

“Do you have a family.”

The little girl seemed a bit confused, “A teacher.”

“A teacher?”

What a strange answer.

She tried to ask some more questions, but nothing much came up. She knew the little girl came here by herself. Her teacher had asked her to search for something that lost. She has no family, no relatives but her teacher and some brothers and sisters in her school.

When the body of the little girl getting warmer, she fell asleep again, just before that, she asked her, “Big Sis, who is your name?”

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