15 – The Emperor’s Move

Alisha, that was her answer back there. It was eons ago, years before the last chaotic era ended. She met a girl who became her lantern within the darkness, her beacons to return to the right place, her teacher who she most respected. But a tragedy happened in their later years, which made them separated from each other.

Tears flowed gently in her eyes; Alisha remembered every day she had spent with her teacher.

She kneeled in front of the boy, “Sir, I didn’t know it was you. I watched you for an exceptionally long time, and I thought you were a kind of anomaly in this world. If I knew you arrived in my humble home, I have long come to welcome you myself. Please forgive me for my ignorance.”

“Big sister, what are you doing? Please stand up. Is my Big Brother bullying you?” Dora came forward.

“Yes, please don’t do this.” April turned to her brother, “Big Brother, you should not bully a weak lady. Mother always said that a gentleman’s obligation is to protect a lady, not to harass her!”

“Oi, oi, oi.” Edder flabbergasted. “When had I bullied her?”

“No, no! Sir, you didn’t bully me.” Then Alisha wished to ask about something, but she hesitated.

“You want to know any news on her, don’t you?” Edder smiled and thought this lady was amusing.

Alisha nodded.

“She is still like when both of you met for the first time.”

Alisha then smiled, ‘Nothing changes, it is good to hear.’ She was afraid that her teacher was sad.

“Sir, you come here from a faraway place. Is there anything I can do for you?” Alisha asked.

“I come here to ask for help from you if you are okay with it.”

“Just order them to me, Sir. I’ll fulfill them for you.” Alisha bowed respectfully.

Edder shook his head, “Okay, first of all, don’t be some else but yourself. This is not you. Don’t forget what your teacher had told you. You may lose your power, techniques, arts, and swords, but you may not lose your heart.”

“Yes, Sir!” Then she looked again at Edder, “May I requested a thing, Sir?”


“Can I call you Grandmaster?” Alisha’s eyes filled with hope.

“Didn’t you already?” Edder smiled.

“Thank you.”

Far in the Northeastern of the Central Continent, there was a massive capital city of humanity. Here stood the everlasting Human Empire.

The Imperial City of Gulbahar is the most significant human city in the main continent. The Imperial Palace itself was in the central of the capital, and it covered more than ten-thousand-hectare of land. The various government bodies buildings were situated around the Imperial Palace, and together they took an area ten times larger than the Imperial Palace. Protecting this central area was a high wall with hundred-meter wide and a hundred meters tall. Soldiers were stationed above and under the fence for routine patrols. In the outside of this inner defensive high wall were the commercial district, markets, trading area, amphitheater, opera building, restaurants, hotels, and many more. This district also circumfixed by another high wall that separated it with the residentials region.

Within a private chamber inside the Imperial Palace, the Emperor held an urgent meeting with his advisors and aides. It was so critical that most of the summoned staff were still in their leisure garments.

“We have received communication from our delegation to the Battle Goddess City. The mission was a success. Now, it is time for our grand plan to enter its first big step, to unify humanity under one banner, we need to eliminate those powers which will become a hindrance in our war against the demons. Those people are the traitors of humanity! Our alliance shall declare that traitors shall be judged and punished by the alliance. Our first target is the Baggi Corporation!”

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