16 – The Doubt

It was a war declaration that made the entire room silent. War was not something that easily decreed. Despite the prolonged war between humankind and demon tribes, there was no major war within humans’ camp. Humankind will be laughing stocks if they clash with their own.

“Your Highness, I beg your pardon.” An old minister broke the silence, “The last councils’ meeting agreed on suppressing the Baggi Company, but what made you change this into full-scale aggression with them?”

The Emperor knocked his fingers on the table, “The Baggi Company, or the Baggi Family exactly, has become too powerful. Their power even enough to topple one or two cities without any difficulty, and they continue to grow exponentially. They even dare to collaborate with demonic tribes openly; they do not give a damn feeling about the feeling and righteousness of being human. Who can say that in the future, they will not try to conquer the continent?”

“Is there any indication that they are going to rebel again the Empire?” The old minister astonished. “As far as this old man knows, the Baggi Company doesn’t have an army that can threaten us, they only do trade, and that’s all.”

This old minister was Matias Holge, the most senior minister in the Empire. He led the Ministry of Education and Culture. While his position did not contribute to this kind of emergency meeting, but the Emperor still respected and invited him to many crucial conferences because of his seniority.

“Uncle Holge, I know you have a close relationship with the Baggi Trading Company. But this moment, you should take sides with our Emperor. You may not know, but I heard that the president of Baggi Company had threatened the First Princess and Fifth Prince in the Battle Goddess City.” Said the Minister of War and Defense, Maynerd Symeon.

The older adult Holge looked at the Emperor, Dobromil Gulbahar, and then he knew that further persuasion in useless. He had lived and served the Gulbahar Empire since the previous Emperor; he knew when how to read people will from their expressions and attitudes.

“Your Highness, I was the one who crazily supported the launching of war again demon tribes when your father sat on his throne. A real war that took the life of the previous Emperor and empress, both were my dearest brother and sister. My attitude toward war at that time was my greatest regret. I always think, if I did not stand for it – the war resolution, if I denied the idea; maybe your father would not launch that cursed campaign; maybe your father and mother would still here with us, spend their old days in peace.” The old minister wiped his tears, “Your Highness, I can not see another tragedy, but I am powerless to change your decision. Now, I am asking you to let me retire from my position. Please forgive this old man selfishness.”

The old minister stood up and left the room, but just before he closed the door, his voice echoed in the room, “Your Highness, if we thought that demon tribes are nightmares for humankind. Then the war again Baggi Trading Company, no – the war again its current president, would be no longer like having a nightmare – it would be like waking up but still seeing it.”

The room was silent once again.

“Your Highness, do you believe that old man words?” Myneard Symeon asked.

The Emperor tapped the desk, “Uncle Holge may be elderly in his age, but he is far from being senile. We have compiled information on the Baggi Trading Company, and we know its’ financial and military prowess. That is the basis of our confidence in confronting it. Except Uncle Holge knows something that we don’t.”

“Your Highness, if we do not make our move to Baggi Trading Company, I am afraid we can not win the campaign again the demon tribes. They make trades with the demon tribes, even they say only trade goods, but who knows they also trade bits of knowledge, skills, and even bits of intelligence. The more those demons know about our race; the more challenging this war will be.” Added the Minister of Trade, Commerce, and Industry – Koios Sanya.

“I agree with Minister Sanya. If we succeed in suppressing the Baggi, not only we may remove the potential treason in human camp, but also we may obtain the monetary benefits in supporting the prolonged war from their wealth.” Said the Minister of Finance, Matts Ezar.

When the Emperor was about to speak, an audience request came in.

“The First Princess and Fifth Prince wish to greet the Majesty, Emperor Gulbahar.” A loud voice from behind the door sounded.

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