17 – The Preludes

The underground facility, under a fifty-two stories tower of the tallest building within the capital city, was a secret bearer of Baggi Trading Company.

An older adult with a red cape watched a real-time projection on a wall. Behind him stood a middle-aged man and woman. Only the sound from the projection was heard, and everybody has grim expressions in their faces.

The three of them were the topmost executives in Capital Brach of Baggi Trading Company. And what they watched was the real-time relay of the secret meeting of the Emperor and his aides.

After the scene where First Princess arrived and explained the latter situation, and the final decision of the Emperor, the older adult, no longer held his anger and smacked the table into pieces.

“Damn that greedy Emperor! He thought we would stand idle waiting to be slaughtered lambs. What a funny idea.”

“Father, it seemed we have to make a move now.” The middle-aged man added with a serious tone. He was Elmar Marcellinus, the vice deputy of the Capital Branch of Baggi Trading Company. At the same time, the older adult was his father, Waldemar Marcellinus, the deputy itself.

“Cristiana, you are our safety advisor. What do you say on this matter?” The older adult asked.

“Sir, I suggest we move according to protocols number A-223 and F-838. First, to evacuate all our staff and their families according to their contract with our company. Second, to momentary paralyze the Empire’s power that may harm us in the immediate period.” Said the woman in blue.

“I agree with Cristina. Should we contact HQ for this issue?” Elmar asked while himself pondered.

The three of them shook their head, ‘No, the president or vice presidents won’t even care if we the one who declared war on the Empire.’

Secret codes danced and ran throughout the entire capital city like never before. Both sides conducted their covert means to the most secretive ways.

At noon, the Empire declared that there would be an urban military exercise conducted this week, so the Emperor summoned many war battalions and regiments back to the capital. The Baggi Trading Company gave its unconditional support by providing free transportation through its railways, and it also sent commodities for the military exercise from the nearest cities.

The Empire representative gave their entire thanks to the company, while the company representative replied that they were gladly able to help and ‘sponsored’ the event.

There was no premonition to a clash between two major powers in humankind within the largest city of the continent. They seemed to be in harmony, while nobody knew that one side prepared the butcher knife and the other prepared for the unbreakable shield.

Since they have decided, both sides performed their best dances.

At six in the evening, fifty thousand soldiers entered the capital via Baggi Trading Company railways. Also, tons of commodities were transported to the city warehouses. Baggi Trading Company also sent free million jars of light sweet wine and thousand cases of grilled beast meats. They were all free for soldiers and citizens for tonight and available in all pubs in the capital city.

“What are the Baggi’s doing? They give free wine and meat to the people?” Maynerd Symeon showed a doubt.

“Bah, perhaps they thought this would be an excellent investment in their business by supporting the Empire. They even give leave to their employees to join tonight capital-wide feast to draw people’s hearts. I bet they wouldn’t imagine that their support will turn against them.” Said Ernie Nicodemo, the Minister of Internal Affairs, in contempt.

At eight in the night, the feast began everywhere, not only in the pubs but also in the streets. People were glad that wine and meat were available to take home. It might be the most rousing night in the century of capital history.

But most of the population did not know that tomorrow the capital they knew would no longer be there.

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