Dystopian Sunset 18 – The Chaotic Morning

Gentle breeze woke up a man who got himself overslept on pub floor. He stretched his body and glanced around; he saw many people slept on the floor, chairs, even desks. ‘What a mess.’ He thought. He then walked and left the pub when he met more bizarre view on the street. Hundreds or perhaps thousands of fully armored soldiers laid down on the street hugged their respective weapons.

If you looked at a soldier sleep on the lane side with armor and hugging a giant war hammer, it might be a funny thing to witness. But for thousands of them, it would be a horror.

The man felt pain in his head; he remembered he drank more than a dozen large bowls of liquor last night. When he tried to remember what was happening, he recalled that he discovered clamoring sound from the avenue, like soldiers marched on it. He thought it was a parade, but it did not seem so.

Then he picked up a shriek from not far away. When he looked at the noise source, his face paled instantly. An inferno as high as the sky with black smoke billowed to the placid morning sky of the capital city.

People also heard another scream, one after another. Many of them woke up and rushed to the street. They noticed the same things, the sleeping soldiers on the roads and the sky-high inferno.

That was the main tower of Baggi Trading Company on fire. The highest private structure in the capital city. Quickly, there was news passed among the crowds that not only the sky tower was on fire but also almost all Baggi Trading Company buildings were on fire. Many tried to help to put the fire off, but soon they found something off. None of the Baggi Trading Company’s employees were among the people at the scenes. Were they trapped inside those buildings and no one survived?

While the capital citizen was in chaos, the Emperor, seated at one of the highest terraces, oversaw the capital and the burned tower. Behind him, the folk from yesterday’s secret meeting were there.

“What is happening here?” The Emperor asked in anger.

“Your Highness, this…” the Minister of War and Defense was lost for words. He also did not know what was happening last night.

“Father, it seemed that our plan was discovered by them.” Said the First Princess.

All of them knew that somehow their intention was leaked to their target. And somehow, Baggi Trading Company made this cruel maneuver. They put everyone in deep slumber, and they disappeared from the capital city with yet any known method.

Somehow, they thought this was not the best view that would like for a morning.

Perhaps these were just dreams.

Less than an hour later, another pandemonium report detonated within the Imperial Hall.

The Imperial Treasury was emptied, not a single silver was left behind!

The Emperor was in a rage that he smashed his throne into pieces.

“Assemble the Knights! They shall pay dearly for what they did to us!” He roared.

Just a quarter hour before they released the rally order, another news blown up in the capital via magic bulletin from local newscasters. The Baggi Trading Company published a press release that stated if they lost contact with all their executives in the Capital, and they received a report that unknown arsonist set aflame their properties(s). They demand explanation and responsibility of the current ruling Emperor.

Not only it ended there, incoming inquiries flooded the Capital Security and Defense Center asking about these incidents. Nobles, Grand Merchants, Guilds Union, and many representatives from various institutions pressed the official pertaining to the security of the Capital.

When the Chief of Capital Security and Defense Bureau asked for help to the Imperial Palace; the Prime Minister only gave him a stern look, ‘Can you solve this simple issue! Are your brain just for a decoration?’–it meant, ‘Should a replace your head with a flower vase or something?’

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