2 – Miss Molly and the Letter

A girl was standing quietly in front of a magical fireplace. Her shadow danced between the slip of lights around the middle-aged decorated walls.

In front of her, a black-haired lady was sipping her evening coffee, sat on a chair of antiquity.

She put her cup, “Rara, I have got a reply from the capital.”

The girl shivered; an ecstasy jumped within her eyes. It has already many years since she waited for this moment.

“It is true, Miss Molly?” She spoke almost like whispering, afraid of losing her composure.

“Why? After these years, you still don’t let it go, so how can I—as your friend—did nothing about it. It is just; I never thought it would take this long.”

She reached for an opened envelope, and a well-written mail and a card fell from within it.

“Here, read the mail first.”

Rara took the mail and opened the letter carefully. She couldn’t help her hands trembled like how they met last winter on a snowy road.

It was beautiful handwriting.

Dear Molly,

After a long time, it is nice the hear words from you again. I was afraid that you already forget this insignificant friend of yours.

I was not at the capital when your mail arrived years ago, so it has not reached me till I returned a few days ago.

About the issue related to our Baggi Trading Company branch in Milogost. Honestly, I don’t know anything much, but do not worry, since you asked me personally, I have been doing my marvelous duty as a good sister of you.

The formal investigation is a must in our company, and even I can’t nullify it. To make an amend for this late response in years, I give you this ‘magical’ card.

I’ll make a personal trip to Milogost as soon as possible.

Sincerely yours,

Natalia Ildikó Wendell.


Rara looked at the card, a golden-patterned card.

Akanksha Aureliana Haugen
Baggi Trading Company

With the 10th number as a colorful background.

Baggi Trading Company, one of the top ten trading companies in the main continent. Rose from a middle-tier company into a top-tier company in the last decade. They named a miracle in the trading industry as the company that touched the godly domain.

As a top tier company, Baggi Trading Company has its own management, a president, two vice presidents, nine prima, and a hundred grand elders. Except for the three topmost, almost all those characters were well-known.

Rara was a daughter of branch chief of Baggi Trading Company, and branch chiefs were under a provincial leader, and provincial leaders were under an elder, and so on.

But now, Rara found her name on a golden card, stated there as a primum—the tenth primum.

She looked back, “Miss Molly, is this real…?”

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