4 – The Family Business

That night, the boy—Edder, the twin—Dora and April, the lady of the house, and the young personal maid—Nana sat together around a simple round dining table. They had some local specialties for supper.

“Son, are you sure you don’t want to enter Gauri Royal Academy? Our family has some connection inside. Don’t you want any degree like some of your childhood friends, they all already entering the academy to study, some of them even entering Grand Tomislav Academy.”

The boy was cutting and cleaning crab dishes and share it with the twins, “Mom, do you believe I need that kind of diploma?”

“Well, your grandpa always boasts about his grandson—who catapulted the company into the top ten in just four years period. But who will believe him? Many would say that the competencies of your helpers covered you.”

“Well, I do have many capable helpers.” The boy didn’t deny it.

“Look at you, are you just ten or so years old?”

“Mom…, I can’t believe you forgot your son’s age?”

“Okay, back to business. Your sisters should enter Gauri Royal Academy by the end of the year. This task is given to you by the family.” The lady spoke calmly.

The boy almost choked and dropped his crab claw.

“Mom, they only five at that time. And to eligible to enter the academy, it should be seven. Aren’t you afraid that your daughter will be bullied because they are too young?”

“I know that, but that is not the rule. Seven years old was the common age when most of the prodigies start to show their talent in magic, science, and art. But from what you said earlier, you weren’t concerned about they fail to enter the academy, were you? So, I said, the family made a correct decision on this matter.”

The boy was speechless for a moment.

“But they are too young.”

“Hey, tell me who left home at four and said he would speed up a company’s growth because he thought it was a slow-growing one.”

Another silence.

“So, I should leave the company for now, and preparing them to enter the academy?”

“O boy, don’t you develop a transcontinental communicator glyph since ages ago, tell me if it was still a prototype? I found nothing on the market, and I think you must hide it for your own use. Make use of it to manage the company.”

After a moment, the boy knew he couldn’t excel his mother in this kind of debate.

“Okay, but I need to do something first at the Eastern Coast.”

The lady put her fork and knife and stared at her son oddly, “What kind of matter that could force a slothful silver spoon young master like you to go as far as the Eastern Coast from Capital?”

“Well, something was and still happening a branch over there. And there, we have a new primum as well.” He replied lazily.

There was another strange stillness; it just now, the lady could not deliver a single word.


The next day, Edder, Dora, April, and Nana said goodbye to the lady, and they took a train under Baggi Railways—the East Star Express—one of ten giant magic locomotive from Capital to Eastern Coast Alliance City.

It would be a long two weeks journey. Fortunately, they have their own private car on the tail of the train.

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