5 – Within a Car

East Star Express was the name given to a crimson, white magic train that pulled around a hundred passenger cars, run on seven seas-steel railways. It brought along around a thousand and five hundred passengers across the continent days and nights. Some were VIPs like royals, ambassadors, sages, outstanding scientists, prominent merchants, artisans, and so on.

From the hundred cars, ten or so are VIPs’, except for the last car, it belongs to privately to the Baggi Railways’ usage. It was a common noesis that if the last car has passengers, it must be at least the elder of Baggi Company or their families, relatives, or guests.

While the train ran under the bright moonless night sky, a group of four were having their supper in the last extravagant car.

“Sir, is there anything you would like to have?” asked a personal maid that only served the private car.

“We already have everything we want. Thank you for your excellent service.” The boy replied to her warmly.

“Thank you for your service.” The twins also beamed happily.

The car was soundproof and shockproof, but the air was ventilated mechanically by the latest magic-HVAC system, using a northern iced-pearl as its core mechanism. It made the delicate vapor from the food cavorted gently in the air, creating a perfect dinner ambiance.

“Big Brother, why does our room seem to be different from the others?” April asked his brother while looked around

“Oh, how was it different?” Erred found it amusing.

“I don’t know how to say it. I just feel that this room doesn’t belong to the train.” Then she tugged her sister, “Isn’t so Dora?”

Dora, who was enjoying her marine soup, stopped, and gazed around, “It’s a different place?” She did not sure either. “But we sure already boarded the train…”

Erred and Nana stared at each other, then laughed.

Erred smiled at them, “It was no surprise that mother wants both of you to enter academy this early, she is still sharp as usual.”

April and Dora confused; they did not understand what their brother said.

“Girls, I can tell you that we isolate this room from the outside world by using a magic array. This array works as a defense mechanism when something or somebody targets this car; this room would stay safe and sound.” Erred made a simple explanation.

“Then, about other cars? Will they also safe?” Dora worried about others on the train.

“Don’t worry, those who are targeting this car won’t lay their eyes on the other cars. And those who are targeting other cars do not have the capability to bring harm to our train. Do you know that our Baggi Railways is one of the safest ways to migrate on the land?”

“Wow, is our family that awesome?” April asked with sparkling eyes.

“Obviously, but that only because our family has a brilliant young master, your genius big brother.” Erred puffed out his chest.

“Come one, finish your dinner and get rest earlier, tomorrow we will arrive at our first stop. A famous forest city of Alisha.” Nana prepared the three with a glass of warm chocolate each.

The car was as comfortable as their own home. It was not taken too long after the cheerful meal they sank into the land of imaginary.

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