6 – A Shadow of War

Sunshine broke through the curtain, as just the train slowing down entering the city border. It was a lush forest, with colossus trees and massive canopies. It was a miracle that a part of sunshine fell here and there, but the most fantastic thing perhaps was the luminous moss that grew on the trees’ trunk and the wall and roof of buildings that made the cities glowing with many unique colors.

The center of the city was a world tree that supported millions of lives within it. The railway was built by tunneling to its steel-like titan bark. They made the city around the bark, while the outer ring of the city was outside the world tree, between the other colossus.

The world tree supplied the city with water from its roots, created a circular lake within the tree—the world pond, and became four rivers that ran to the four corners of the world.

It said in the legend that the city was born from a sapling of the world tree that the Goddess of Battle—Alisha planted and cultivated. A daughter of human, raised by ancient elf family, when she returned to her world, she helped to end the chaos era and created a long-lasting peaceful period; this city was where she rested eternally within her beloved World Tree.

But there is not such an eternal peace. Lust, pride, and other sins have made any everlasting peace became only a forever dream. It is the unending dance between chaos and order since the immemorial.

War engulfed countless civilizations and cultures of many races, including humanity itself. The war came and gone like the twilight tune of a grand creator. In some eras, there were only minor wars between races and countries. Other ages, there were cataclysmic campaigns between heaven and earth, which were termed as battles of the apocalypse by the historians of all races.

The last battle of apocalypse ended eons ago, marked by the birth of the Battle Goddess City. No matter what your races, political views, beliefs, everyone gave their utmost respect to the city since it became the symbol of peace. People would consider those who try to harm the city for inciting another apocalypse.

But it seemed greed could blind even the wises creature.

After the train stopped within the city’s southern station, Edder led the other to their next destination in the city.

“What a beautiful city,” said Dora from with a simple but comfortable brougham.

“Yes, indeed. It is the oldest city on the entire continent. Many lost yet beautiful cultures left their last glories here.” Edder also enjoyed the scenery.

Within this forest city, people still might find many architectural designs that they could find nowhere else on the continent. They were the last silent heritages of lost civilizations that ever exist before the final apocalypse. They were priceless, and yet many still hide their wisdom from mortal eyes.

The traffic was not congested, but still, it took them about a couple of hours to reach the city’s central area. Their VIP status granted them no difficulties in passing each district. But it showed us how grand was the world tree itself.

Just after their brougham about to enter the central area, a barricade of city security agents and a foreign army stopped them.

“Stop! This is a restricted area, turn around, please!” said a middle-aged man in the city security agent suit.

Hearing the harsh voice, Dora and April jumped and gripped their elder brother’s arms. They were surprised and a bit frightened.

Edder looked from the side window and saw many agents, guards, and the most eye-catching was the imperium soldier—a foreign military unit within the Battle Goddess City.

The war found their way to the last bastion of peacekeepers at last. Edder signaled Nana to handle the situation, and the latter nodded lightly.

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