8 – It’s spicy

A hundred or so bodies lied down on the hot pavements. Meanwhile, dozens of shadows not far away shrunk, like they never been there. The shadows whispered to each other.

“That was scary, and I almost lost half of my life there.” The first shadow gulped down.

“What did you wish then? When we heard about that from VIP car entering the city, we knew that was the little demon of Baggi coming. Yet, those stupid city security agencies and imperial guards did not have any idea who was stepping into the town.” The second shadow berated the first shadow.

“The Baggi has been rocketing since the little demon took over the control of the entire company, even their elder assembly fall into submission. I did not believe it; I thought it was only a hyperbolic rumor. Even I heard Grand Merchant Partnership entering demonic tribes’ a couple of years ago; I still doubt the backstory. It was doubtful that an elder from mere Baggi company dare to wreak havoc in demonic regions while saying that the demon tribes tried to steal their food plates by denying an open market to humanity.” The third shadow reminisced some events.

“Yes, you are right. I heard that elder trashed not least than a hundred demon lords and a dozen of demon kings. And there was no retaliatory response from Demon Sovereign so far.” The fourth shadow added.

“We should back and report this incident to each of our branch offices here. The Human Emperor sent his delegation to Battle Goddess City is a fishy move, but part of their delegation dared to provoke the untouchable devil. I believe those who dislike his war policy all this time would put a smile on their face after hearing this incident.” The fifth shadow giggled mysteriously.

“Yeah, his right hand also here. Something interesting may happen in the next few hours.” The sixth shadow smiled and disappeared into the forest.

While the commotion at central entry-gate subsided, a brougham stopped in front of an elegant restaurant. A lady on black attire came from within the restaurant to welcome the guests along with the luxurious red carpet and good-looking stewardess.

She stepped forward and gave a simple bow, followed by all the restaurant’s staff around her, “Welcome to our Battle Goddess City’s branch, Boss.”

Nana nodded slightly in response, “Thanks for all your hard work. Let me introduce you. This mister is my young master, Elioenai Ælred Chavarría, the president of Baggi Trading Company, although he still young, you all should well know of his deeds in the last few years.”

Sweat began to precipitate in their forehead when they heard their boss’ introduction. Even they only a small branch of a well-known restaurant franchise across-the-continent, they still listened to a rumor or two about their headquarters and current business issues on the continent. And of course, including the half-myth and half-legend of a child prodigy called the untouchable little demon.

“And the two ladies here are my young master’s twin sisters. Miss Dora Claire Chavarría and Miss April Swarna Chavarría. You may address them as Miss Dora and Miss April, as for my young master, just address him as a young master. Do you understand?” Nana added her point.

“Yes, Boss!” They all shouted in unison.

While its still morning, it no longer an early morning. After some accident in entering the center area, everything went smoothly after that. The four of them have a fresh and healthy breakfast at the restaurant.

“I don’t know you build your restaurant franchise,” Edder said while gulped a mouthful of sweet milk.

“Well, since I know you would frequently travel around the continents. It is good to have a safe place to eat and rest. It’s not that I worried about you, but your family may benefit from their existence since the food always safely prepared. They are good and enjoyable for all range of ages.”

Just after Nana told Edder with a smile, April and Nana yelled at the same time, “It’s spicy!”

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