9 – Let us make a visit

Half an hour was quite a time; Nana reprimanded the staff that they should avoid serving spicy menus to customers without asking their customers’ preferences beforehand.

Dora and April were quite happy with their sweet pasta, while Edder enjoyed his crispy seven-colored mushrooms – a part of local cuisine for light breakfast.

Meanwhile, not far from the restaurant’s entrance. A group of important-looking people approached. The leader was a pair of man and woman in black suits.

“Are you sure that that thing is ‘the medallion’?” The man asked the other man in an army suit whose face was black and blue.

“Yes, milord’s, I saw it myself.” The man with a swollen face answered quickly.

“What are they doing here? The Grand Merchant Partnership should be careless with the Emperor’s agenda, and they only saw profits above anything else. But I can not say the same for the Baggi Trading Company, their rise in power just too much in recent years into the point where they would gain the confidence to clash with any royal family.” The man in the black suit spoke while messaging his temple.

“Please forgive me, milord. I just wish that the empire would successfully ally with this city without any disturbance. So, I am afraid to let any party enter the central area.”

“It is okay, Commander, at least you upheld our empire’s dignity. We represent the majority of the human race; we should not fear a trading coterie. Our acts are for the greater cause, and we should defend our stand.” He stopped and turned to the woman. “Eldest sister, what would you think about this issue?”

The woman, who was the brain of their expedition this time, shook her head, “I can say anything at the moment. I have seen Lady Wendell, the leader of the Grand Merchants Partnership, and I knew I might not win her in a war of diplomacy. She was the most dangerous entity that I have met. Yet, for her to be just a maid to ‘the little demon’; I am afraid, is not that simple.”

“Sister, your meaning is?”

“I read all documents concerning the Baggi Clan, including the prominent Chavarría families. The Chavarría families were just an ordinary branch of Baggi Clan in the last century until later generation born a fighting genius, Géraud Roshan Chavarría, the Saber Emperor, one of the previous hero comrades in-arm. He then married with Ingegärd Madeline Everhart, a mysterious lady. After Géraud married Ingegärd, he retired, and both chose to run the Baggi Clan’s Trading Company. Suddenly, that small company expanded like crazy, the leading of change is not the man, but the lady. Our Father Emperor has a suspicion that Lady Ingegärd is the long-lost lineage of a powerful figure dated more than thousand-year back with the same surname – The Great King of Merchants, Everhart. Of course, there was no proof, and it was just an amusement for him to talk about that. But when their son took over the Baggi Trading Company’s leadership, our world saw the never before industrial revolution raining down from the Baggi’s top desk. The title ‘little demon’ did not come from his adversaries, but his allies and employees. Many people said it was an exaggeration. But when his right hand, Lady Natalia Ildikó Wendell took the Grand Merchants Partnership ever, the whole world was silenced. Now, all spies around the continents from each power has a piece of extra top priority information to collect, the move of the little demon; even when he just breathe, there must be a full report on it, ASAP. He is an enigma that brings about both awe and restlessness to the world.”

“But, Milady, I heard he is only a kid.”

“Yes, Eldest Sister, in the end, in this world, it doesn’t matter how much wealth that you have, without absolute powerhouse to lead and protect you, that wealth only became a paper tiger.”

“Yes, even our civilization glorifies humanity’s equality and brotherhood. In the end, the strongest fist speaks the most. Like our empire, without millions of army and billions of reserves, we may long fall in the war between demons’ race and humanity. But if we talk about the little demon, does he truly have no deterrent power to achieve his current throne? Let us not thinking about that. We will now more when we meet him ourselves. Let us visit.”

The group arrived at the restaurant’s entrance. They stepped in just like any other guests—both of man and women with royal demeanor.

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