Magi 21 – The Enlightened Celestial Maiden Flower

Countless eons ago, within Padmaloka, there a celestial pool, filled with the eternal life energy. Many kinds of Padma – water lily grew there. It made breathtaking sacred scenery.

One of the Padma was the oldest, it big enough that its essence core has sufficient dimensional space for a person to take leisure within.

Yes, there was a person, a young teenager around his sixteenth. He was laying down with a book in his hand. He usually came around twice or thrice every seven days. And he would stay there to read a book or two.

Nothing seemed unique with this young boy, yet everything about him was mystical. There is no worldly energy or mana fluctuation on him. But each time he breathed in and breathed out, the laws of the universe follow his breathing, dancing and running around within and outside him. If he was laughing while he read, the laws were jumping in happiness, if he was frowning while he read, the laws became terrified.

This continued for couple more eons, until one day, he was no longer alone. But there was a pair of spiritual eyes started to form not long ago and watched him with curiosity.

At first, the young boy didn’t really care about it. But a destined day later, the young boy put down his book and looked back at the pair of eyes, “Aren’t you bored?”

The young boy raised his hand, and by his index, he touched a spot between the eyes and a minuscule crack.

A storm of universal laws was converted into pure energy and rushed into that crack.

When the boy finally drew his hand, a strange mix of many elemental and spiritual energies was gathered around the eyes, they condensed and together formed a spiritual body.

A humanoid spiritual body was born just like that, and it looked like a little girl around six or seven years old. But her eyes were the same as the pair of eyes before. The oldest Padma was no longer there, but its’ body that was torn and molded by universal laws now become a human girl-like figure.

The girl blinked her eyes, she already long ago has awareness, but still a growing awareness.

When the owner of Padmaloka – the Great Creator knew about this, he just shook his head as if said, ‘the least I involve myself, the least probability I would turn mad for seeing the impossible comes true every time I meet this anomaly.’

The girl every day went with the young boy, he gave her the name ‘Lily’ to remind both, how they met and about her origin.

Again, Eon later, the girl was now looked like a thirteen or fourteen-year-old for a human.

One day she said to the young boy, “Young Master, I’ve learned that I must call you my Young Master.”

“Oh, why is that?”

“Some books mention every person who can contract a spiritual entity, then the spirit would call that person master, or young master depends on the person’s age.”

The young boy was silent for a moment, “Doesn’t that mean you should go with the ‘master’? Since I am not young by the count of these countless eras.”

“But in my eyes, Young Master is always young and charming.”

The boy was laughing hard, “Lily you know how to play with words now, perhaps you already an adult.”

“Really? Young Master, if I already become a grown up. May I go to play outside?”

“Why? Do you already feel that staying by my side no longer …”?

“No! Young Master, please don’t say it! Lily just has her curiosity.” The girl looked so sweet when her cheeks became red as an apple, “Didn’t young master ever told me that traveling ten thousand miles is better than reading ten thousand books?”

“Indeed, I said that, well, caged here for eons is good for you.”

“So, I can go?”

The young boy smiled and caressed her bangs, “Yes, you may, but take care. You’ve read almost everything about three realms, but the reality isn’t always like that.”

She hugged the young boy, “Thank you, Young Master, you are the best!” She kissed his cheeks, “I’ll return frequently, and I’ll bring you souvenirs.”

She runs fast, when she about to arrive at the gate, she saw the Great Creator was accepting some guests.

These guests were all distinguished and illustrious figures of Three Realms. They’ve come to pay respect to the great Creator, and it’s a century ritual for all powers.

When they saw a little girl dashed from the inner area of Padmaloka, they couldn’t help but become curious. But what came next really nearly made everybody dropped their hearts.

A loud voice was yelled from far away, “Old Man! I am leaving to play outside; the young master already permitted me. You should try to play outside too; otherwise, you would become more senile than now! See ya!”

And so, the next sound was the sound of a slammed grand gate of Padmaloka.

The people could swear that they saw some line one veins popped up on the Great Creator’s head. But of course, nobody would dare to mention it, nor they could speak it.

‘Darn! There is truly someone who dare to disregard the majesty.’

‘Who is that girl, she was so daring!’

‘Shit! What was that I just see? If the three realms know about this, there must be a great commotion.’

‘Nobody should speak about this, even the Great Creator is a very compassionate figure, but from that popping veins, nobody would like to summon king of all great devils to wreak havoc in Three Realms.’

Everybody kept silent, and the Great Creator continued to receive his quests without a sign to explain about the mysterious girl. Even he knew that his guests are curious about the little girl, but deep down he felt conflicted, should he share the peril of his life and shared the nightmare with them all?

The little girl was not a problem, but the person that tied to her. He was a great problem, and once he creates a mess, even the Great Creator couldn’t be sure that it will make a mess he could manage to fix.

Nobody knew his suffering and struggling, and he wished that there will be a possibility for a pension as a great creator? He surely won’t miss it.

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