Magi 23 – For the Smile of Fallen Maiden

Even the news of Battle Princess was coming from Padmaloka; many were still skeptical. They would ask, ‘Is this a sign that Padmaloka will have a successor?’ But. Another question would arise, ‘Why the successor didn’t leave Padmaloka, but only the maid?’, ‘The successor already the for eons, why no one knows about him?’

The popularity of Battle Princess was still rising to the top. Many top powers send her invitation to visit their place. Many schools and academies were sent invitations for Battle Princess to attend their school as a guest elder.

She politely rejected all the proposal, she said, if there is fate in future, she sure will give a visit.

Her legends continued, and she has many friends across all Three Realms. People thought perhaps the Battle Princess was trying to make a good impression of the next Padmaloka successor since she is his maid.

She still returned to her Young Master and spent her precious time.


One day, she saw her Young Master reading a tiny book titled ‘Your Name.’ And when the Young Master finished reading it, he said, “So time can be so romantic yet depressing.”

She surprised hearing what her Young Master said, “Young Master, do you know what the meaning is ‘romantic’?”

The Young Master smiled, “What do you think?”

“Please don’t tease me, Young Master.”

Her Young Master still smiled and looked at her in the eyes, “So, is there anything that you want to say or ask?”

She hesitated for a moment, “Can I ask about anything?”

“Hum…” The Young Master nodded.

“Young Master, I wonder do you have a name? What about your family?”

She dropped her head, too afraid to face her Young Master’s reaction.

“Have a sit, Lily. I have a dream, always the same dream.”


Within the tremendous chaotic dimension, a young woman brought a baby her embrace. Her battle armor and clothes were tattered, blood dripping from many deep lacerations in her body.

She rode a giant white dragon, traversed the great chaos for nobody knew how long it has been. She became weaker day by day. The baby was also getting weaker.

She wrote something. She knew she wouldn’t survive any longer. She put the letter in behind the thick baby robe.

She holds her hand in prayers.

“Master Vasu, please blessed this child of mine. Let him grow and live in happiness. Forgive me; your stupid student couldn’t fulfill your wish. I am leaving first, Goodbye Master, Goodbye my child, please forgive mother for not being able to be at your side.”

She closed her eyes; a primordial chant came from her bleeding mouth. A warm light enveloped the baby before subsiding.

The baby cried, perhaps because he suddenly felt cold, probably because of something else.

The White Dragon let a loud cry within the great void.

Suddenly a big hand materialized within the void.

And a voice echoed, “Beyond the place that you’ll live is the Great Chaotic Space, beyond that is the Endless Void, only when you pass this barrier you are worthy of any answer of any question.”


When Lily heard her Young Master dream, she understood, that even her Young Master has no answer for her question.

The Young Master took something from the casket and gave it to Lily.

When she received it, she now that an old tattered letter, protected by a kind of divine bonding she never saw before. She opened it, and read it.

It is not a mere word that I wish that I hope when it reaches you, it is my soul – unbounded by wind, sea, and sky.

It is not just alphabetic conceptions that delivered to your small hands; it is my heart – unlocked by the earth and all the trees those never bow under the heaven.

It is not paltry of black above the white fields that you see with your very own eyes; it is my dream – traveled far on the uncharted and borderless desert, accompanied by the song the sun and the moon.

It is not a measly conviction when you hold it; it is my love – the life of a spirit that keeps your hands, the very hands that bring it into this world.

Grow well, and have a good life, my beloved baby boy –

The last part was torn, it should be his Young Master name written there.

“Young Master…” Lily sobbed deeply. She never felt so sad beside since she was born to this world.

She didn’t know that her Young Master kept alone a painful part of his life. But now that his Young Master shared his burden, so she also a little bit felt happy.

“Young Master, will you leave the Three Realms?”

“Ha ha…, not now, the Senile Old Man didn’t let me leave, he said I am too weak for traveling.”

“What, that old man said that! Should we team up and beat him up?”

The Young Master laughed, “We still would be beaten black and blue.”

“Young Master, when you strong enough, will you leave?”

Her Young Master silent, and answered earnestly, “I will.”

“Can I be with you, accompany you in your journey?”

“Yes, but Lily, you should be better getting stronger. That senile old man only let people who are stronger than him to leave the Three Realms.”

“Alright Young Master.” She hugged her Young Master.


Again, the Three Realms was plumping into chaos. The Battle Princess no longer challenged the later generation. She was now challenging many seniors, of course, she won’t get any win, but those seniors’ generation didn’t get it easy either.

People heard many strange stories, like a God King in the Nine Heavens, were pushed to battle for forty-nine days and forty-nine nights before ended in a draw. There was also story about a Hell King that lost one his horn from battling the Battle Princess in the hundredth day. Only the Nine Spirit Emperors from the Great Nine World capable of suppressing her easily by working with Grand Nine Realms Array. It was already humiliated enough for Nine Spirit Emperors to ganging up again a junior, yet they were pushed to use a grand magical array.

Only after that, the chaos is subsided.


She cried back to her Young Master, said she couldn’t handle array. But her Young Master only laughs at her.

He proposed her to have seclusion since battle didn’t always rise one capability in war. Cultivating inner peace is also a form of training.

Her Young Master brought her to a place in Nine Great Realms; a place was there is a spring of celestial primal water, just around a peaceful lake. He also brought all other water lilies in Padmaloka to went with her in her training, some of those water lilies already have their conscience, they soon took their spiritual form when they ready.

She promised her Young Master that she would train earnestly, no matter how long it would take her.

“When you are ready, I’ll call you, and perhaps I shall need your help.” His Young Master said to her.

“Yes, Young Master.”

After he left, Lily took the old letter that he gave her. She whispered to the letter, “Mistress, at last, I’ve heard about you, all this time, I only know about the Young Master. But now I knew that Mistress, you also love him so much. I’ll take care of him, I’ll get stronger, so I’ll be able to support him. I’ll protect him in your stead.”


The Little Lily started her deep seclusion. Meanwhile, years come and go. Many Lily already took their spirit forms, and they became enlightened entity because their ‘queen’ the first Lily had influenced them spiritually.

But little did she know, after she left the seclusion. The Three Realms were no longer the Three Realms that she knew, the gate of Padmaloka was closed forever, even she can’t enter, she couldn’t contact her Young Master.

She desperately saving her old friends who still alive; otherwise, she would try to protect their descendants. She lost many friends, which made her broken heart. She made a sanctuary for all of those survivors in the center of Nine Great Realms.

With her army – ten thousand high leveled spiritual kings, million mid leveled spiritual kings, and billions of other spiritual entities – the lilies, she created a massive defensive line, protecting the last barrier of peaceful days with many of the survivors. She builds her powers, the Celestial Lotus Pavilion, and she crowned by many as the Eternal Billions Lilies Queen.

When there was a crisis, capable people allowed to summon her for protection, but she herself loved peace and denied to join any wars actively.

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