Magi 40 – Conversation of Two

Thunderstruck was the appropriate phrase for those who saw me return to our cave. I sauntered while a little bamboo demon following me as he dragged some people inside a giant bamboo basket which so enormous compared to his tiny stature.

For sure our priestess and those kids noticed that guys who were dragged forcefully were the group who was attacking them before.

“Eiwa, you’ve come back.” Ione welcomed us.

I nodded.

‘They were the felons, perhaps they have the antidote. Do you still require it?’

Ione shook her head, “No, I already treat the poison. There should be no problems for her to wake in an hour or two.”

She smirked, but I felt a trace of uneasiness in her eyes.

‘Ah, truly capable, aren’t you? I shouldn’t worry.’

“Well, I struggled my best.” Ione then looked at the little bamboo sprout, “Hello General Perun, have Eiwa troubled you again?”

The little bamboo shook his head, “No… no… Little Miss. Young Master problems in my obligations, it is my honor to server Young Master.”

Suddenly, Marciano came to us, he looked at the little bamboo curiously, “Hey, Eiwa. Is this little demon, your summoned demon?”

Well, it can be expressed so, so I simply nodded.

“Wow, so cool.” The one who shouted should be Alinafe Micha. The glow in her eyes could tell everybody that she loves everything about summoning.

Later everyone started to surround the little bamboo and talk to him. Except for the Priestess of Snow Moon Temple. She still guarded the treenos princess with care, with both of Ione’s elemental summons.

I walked to them; I placed my palm on the princess’ forehead. Guiding a slight supply of mana to her life core, she should okay with no fear of repercussion. I noticed the effect of Ione’s treatment was superb.

I grabbed a close by water flask and drank two mouthfuls a freshness.

Ai, next time, I should avoid volunteering to clear up this kind of troubles.

“We should return to the village. And you need to report to the nearly royal guard post at the nearby town and to your shrine.” I added to the priestess.

She returned a genial smile to me, “Yes, and thank you.”

After I saw she closed her eyes again, I realized she not simply tired physically but also mentally. Saving ten children from that kind a group is tough.

She not merely eluded the tiger’s mouth but also save the fawn from the tiger’s claw.

She saw little bamboo and the bad guys we apprehended, but still didn’t disturb her mood and calmness, she didn’t inquire any question either. She might attain great things in the future.

I came to Ione.

‘Come with me for a second.’

“Eh, Little Brother. What is so suddenly?” Ione grinned and run to me.

We left the cave and ascended into one of a hundred-meter-tall redwood tree.

For me, it was easy as walking on the ground. Meanwhile, Ione needed to summon vine spirit to raise her up to the higher place.

Our petite bodies fit to rest to any of its horizontal branch.

“So, what do you want to talk about?”

Ione sat beside me.

From up here, we looked at the wood spread so distant to the skyline. It was not a view we can appreciate on a daily basis.

I took a deep breath in this mind-calming place.

“Ione.” I spoke slowly, “Do you still weighed down with the situation of your missing parent?”

Her body stiffed for a flash there, but quickly return to loose.

“So, I can’t mask it from you, huh?”

I didn’t need to see her expression, but I know those pair of lovely eyes were muddled now, starring to a far unknown place.

“Every time you see injustice, you will remember them. It grows into a burden in your heart. And it may influence your training. I can ask Lily or Little Bamboo to deal with this problem.”

“Eiwa my little brother.” She squeezed her fists on my temples.

“Aww… aww… aww…”

“Why you say like this issue only mine? Did you overlook that your father also involved in this? And don’t ask my master to do something, since she already said that all of them are safe.

Yes, I miss them very much. I am luckier than you, Eiwa. At least, I have together with both of my parents. But you never see your dad from beginning.

Asking Master or General Perun help would solve this matter at once. But I believe every living soul has their own tribulation in this life.

If I want to help them past their adversity, I must become strong enough to share their burden.

I love being spoiled by father and mother, but I do not wish to grow to be a sheltered daughter.

Eiwa, to help me, you just need to remind me my resolution on this issue.”

She closed her long semi-monolog with tapping my head gently.

“Fine, but when dead or alive situation arise. I’ll make my own move.” I said.

Ione said nothing back, only her eyes now sparkling brightly.

I want to say something more, but suddenly a shout came to us.

“Eiwa…! Ione…! The princess has wake up!”

Eeee…, that lass already open her eyes?

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