Eiwa 1 – History of Chaos in Three Realms

Nobody knew, where that horrible news came. The fall of Padmaloka, the death of the great creator. The prologue of chaotic symphonies all over three realms.

Padmaloka, the realm that oversaw all realms, collapsed hundreds of centuries ago without any warning. Many experts and masters from three realms came to seek the truth.

But what they found? A broken great gate, the only gate to entering Padmaloka.

They waited there cautiously for a century full, before one by one left in with their own preoccupied mind.

A century later a great war broke out within nine underworlds, a year later the similar situation happened in nine heavens.

The last nine worlds seem crushed like an ant trapped in the middle of two great elephant fight.

Kingdoms fall, empires wiped. The lands, seas, and sky changed their ownership from one to others. Many great souls fall, whether from defending their homelands or in achieving their great ambitions.

Those who sought peace retreated to the fifth great world, swore to each other that they would become brothers and sisters to protect the last stronghold where the chaos of three realms shall never set its’feet.

The four upper great worlds fallen the nine heavens influences, while the four lower great worlds into the nine underworlds influences.

Hundreds of centuries, the fire of chaos was subsided in the end.

These hundreds of centuries became an important note in three realms history. Never before anything like this happened.

From the survivor of great experts, sages, deities, gods, devils, and demons, they knew something is mostly a certainty, that the great creator has died. Otherwise, how can he let his three realms fallen into chaos?

Some sighed helplessly, lamented the past.

Some worried about what the future hold for them their close ones.

Some planned on what to achieve near and far in future.

But most, to the common people, those never knew anything beyond the little lands where they breath, eat and sleep, nothing really matters at all.

There are many places that not directly impacted, or at least already came back to their stability. And many such places are in the fifth great world, which consists of three thousand small worlds between.

One of those small worlds is called Edwena, where almost eighty percent of its’ surface is covered by waters. There were seven empires rose in the last ten centuries. The Wine, Rik, Euphemia, Raisa, Maree, Thorstein, and Celia Empires.

But many centuries before, there was only one great empire, the Great Edwena Empire, which already fallen and long lost in the river of time. That is why, this world called till today, still called, the Edwena.


When I arrived above Edwena, I saw many things. There are joys, happiness, sadness, guilt, ambition, passion, anger, remorse, and so on. They made the color of many lives and many souls, from the humblest ones to those whose arrogance reach the clouds.

‘Eeee… it’s not so bad.’

I looked around again, until…

‘Ah that place, what a tragedy, but what a passion and compassion.’

I looked back the token of three realms in my hand.

‘So be it, once I wield the power above the creator itself, once I was crafted more handsome than all creations, once I understand all the profound knowledge and mysteries of three realms. But never once I gain understanding about the significance of the creation itself. And now I’ve decided for myself, to enter the river of samsara, whether I gain something or gain nothing, I shall find myself experienced the unknown.’

I make a tiny magical seal above the Edwena.

‘This would be enough, it would not funny when I born and suddenly death by fallen from the bed. I tie the fate between my soul and this tiny world. When I born, I shall name Eiwa.’

My body of conscience merge with natural and mysterious laws of the three realms, and a ray of nothingness shooting down to a small kingdom.

The nine stars shined brightly above the three realms, a cry of a baby could be heard.

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