Magi 4 – Arrijana Adelina


The sun shined brightly above the magnificent capital of Glaedwine. This metropolis of Glaedwine was around a thousand-kilometer square, and about to pass ten million in population.

Like most royal capitals, Glaedwine Capital has three circles of walls. Outside the exterior circle were residences for commoners, the farming area, and many activities for supporting the commercial interest of Glaedwine. It covered about sixty percent of the capital territory.

Behind the exterior ring mainly use for dwelling, mansions of civil servants, merchants, and markets for many higher grades good. Most kingdom soldiers and their family also resided here. Small guilds conveniently established their headquarters here.

They designated the Southern territory for housing. The Eastern sector was the market and commercial central areas such as lodging, restaurants, blacksmithing central, apothecaries, and many more. Renowned guilds, such as Magi Guild, Alchemist Guild, Painter Guild, Blacksmith Guild, Engineer Guild, Sword & Shield Guild, Array & Formation Master Guild were all converged here.

The North area was military compounds, with their training fields. Grandfather’s office was somewhere in this section.

The Western area holds religious, education and leisure. The Temple of Goddess Cassia Luna was rising magnificently and guarded by the Gray Moon Paladins those are not by any mean less fiercer than our Glaedwine Royal Knights.

Here also stood the famed Glaedwine Royal Magic and Knight Academy, which pursued by all teens all over the country as their dream place to learn and research magic or knighthood. That said, the institute was as ancient as the kingdom itself, around five thousand years of heritages. Many of its graduates already created significant marks in the annal of Glaedwine.

There were many terraces and a young forest between the outer and middle ring of barriers, making all area took up about thirty-six percent of the capital city’s territory.

Behind the intermediate ring-of-wall, there was a lustering jungle with some big building between, until they reached the inner ring-of-wall.

These buildings served as vital governmental systems or offices. They established here many ministries building, and they settled with their family and close relatives. Dukes and grand dukes have their summer pavilions here, either just for staying when His Majesty the King summoned them or just when they want to have remained in the capital city. These areas only took about less than four percent of the capital’s land.

The last, the central area, stood tall and imposing, a a grand Royal Palace of Glaedwine. About a sixty-six-kilometer square ten stories Castle. I discovered among many kingdoms around, our royal palace still regarded as a small-build palace. The king and royal families resided here from generation to generation.

Well, since royal families within this grand castle, if you asked whether this handsome ‘accidentally’ prince also lived in here? The answer was yes, we lived here for a couple of days.

Originally, our families—grandfather and grandmother have each their own spaces—to live here within the central area. When my father and mother married, they move in a private square.

So, I was born within the royal palace, and literally breathed the air of royalty. Even then titled as a prince by His Majesty the King. Even I am not a real royalty, I am not far from a bona fide one.

At first, I thought everything will just okay, live daily just like this, wake up, milk, sleep, then wake up again—eh, what else you would expect from a baby’s life? Everything was in harmony until the fire sorceress attacked.

Well, I mean it; we crowned her as the strongest magi in the whole kingdom. The fire witch, the master of ten thousand flames, the noble protector of Glaedwine, Arrijana Adelina!

She was a childhood friend of both my father and my mother, so she was in her twenties. I found out she was a beauty that can cause the loveliest roses dropped in shame. She was a brilliant and diligent student at Royal Magic and Knight Academy, ascended swiftly in rank in magic force and proficiencies. Her fame then couldn’t be restrained. Soon she stood firmly on the loftiest throne of magic community within the kingdom, Arrijana Adelina, the Archimage of ten thousand flames.

Arrijana Adelina was a living legend, she could almost accomplish anything, except for one point, yes that was to marry my father.

When my mother heard Arrijana’s arrival news from the maid, she whispered softly to me while nursed me, “Oh, you know Eiwa, someone interesting will show up soon, she is your mom’s toughest rival.” My mother gave a light chuckle.

Even I was yet to be able seeing clearly but I could still hear. A rapid, steady, yet gentle steps could be heard coming to our room. Well, it was rather earlier than just soon, it just too swift.

“Is he she or he?” An excited voice came exactly as the sound of the opened door could be heard.

“Sister, you just come, and that odd question was all in your mind?” Mother threw a short giggle. “Of course, he is a ‘he’.”

‘What a funny preference of phrasing’

“Let me look at him.”

And I felt a hand touched my face, it was warm and tender.

“Oh, he has your eyes, poor baby, those make him look a bit ugly. Fortunately, he gets his father face, so he unquestionably has a perfect look in the future. So, it still acceptable.”

‘O lady, you can just say something nice, can’t you? Even I haven’t bought a mirror, I can feel my own handsomeness unparalleled under the sky. You can’t say something to injustice my look. Be careful when I have my legal right, I may sue you for unpleasant speak.’ I grumbled within my mind.

“Sister, you can’t say something like that.”

“Why can’t I?”

“Well, I wouldn’t defend if you said that my eyes don’t give a pleasant look. But, aren’t our eyes look pretty similar? Saying something like that isn’t the same as saying that yours are…”


‘Aha…! Good point Mom!’

“What…? Come… take a sit. You would not run back just to say that, wouldn’t you?”

Lady Adeline then took a seat beside my mom, while she still petted my head.

“Sister, I got an unsettling news. It seemed a strange group outside there is targeting the life of your family. I am yet to know who was behind all this. I’ll make sure, they will not prevail, and make certain that they absolutely will get a proper beating.”

Lady Adelina seemed very serious, with her fist and palm punched each other. I could feel her anger permeated in the air.

But, who would waste his or her time by trying to ruin this handsome prince’s life?

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