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13 – The Meeting

Massaging his temple, Edder was taken aback to a moment in his childhood. It was an unpleasant experience, but still, he laughed in the end. “Come….” Edder took his sisters’ hands and walked toward the statue. Nana followed from behind. A janitor who saw some guests tried to pass the perimeter was about to warn […]

12 – The Shrine Crumbled

Just before noon, the four of them passed a gigantic arched gopura – that was carved imitating twin leviathans. The Gate of Water Dragons, that was how people called as it depicted the noble summoned spirit of the Battle Goddess when she walked within the gory battlefront eons ago. “Big Brother, are those dragons?” April […]

11 – A Kindness, A Card

Four people strolled within an ‘orbs-illuminated alley.’ There were many stalls with their peculiar goods, mostly they sold charms, prayer kits, incense, myrrh, herbs, pills, potions, concoctions; there were also stalls those sold blessed weapons, armors, or magic arrays in the minority. People called this alley as the back-vein of Battle Temple since it was […]

10 – I don’t really care

A female attendant was knocking a private room’s door on the third floor. “Young Master, Boss, there are guests who wish to meet you.” “Let them in and prepare additional regale for our guest.” A deep voice came from inside the room. The attendant gently opened the door. A lavish room came into view. “Please….” […]

9 – Let us make a visit

Half an hour was quite a time; Nana reprimanded the staff that they should avoid serving spicy menus to customers without asking their customers’ preferences beforehand. Dora and April were quite happy with their sweet pasta, while Edder enjoyed his crispy seven-colored mushrooms – a part of local cuisine for light breakfast. Meanwhile, not far […]

8 – It’s spicy

A hundred or so bodies lied down on the hot pavements. Meanwhile, dozens of shadows not far away shrunk, like they never been there. The shadows whispered to each other. “That was scary, and I almost lost half of my life there.” The first shadow gulped down. “What did you wish then? When we heard […]

7 – A Vice’s Obligation

Gracefully, a lady stepped out of the colorful brougham. It was in the middle of a thirty-meter-wide street. She looked at the crowd and shook her head. She knew what was going on, and since her young master did not wish to act himself, then she should be able to resolve this minor issue. “Gentlemen, […]

6 – A Shadow of War

Sunshine broke through the curtain, as just the train slowing down entering the city border. It was a lush forest, with colossus trees and massive canopies. It was a miracle that a part of sunshine fell here and there, but the most fantastic thing perhaps was the luminous moss that grew on the trees’ trunk […]

5 – Within a Car

East Star Express was the name given to a crimson, white magic train that pulled around a hundred passenger cars, run on seven seas-steel railways. It brought along around a thousand and five hundred passengers across the continent days and nights. Some were VIPs like royals, ambassadors, sages, outstanding scientists, prominent merchants, artisans, and so […]

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