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Magi 17 – A Dark End

Violet sky has replaced the gentle azure, the sun slumbered fast, while the stars took their stage without poised twinkling dance. A simple night of dream for many people, but not for some others. Around five-kilometer, two group of black-clothed men converted and had a conversation in the dark. Each leader sat face to face. […]

Magi 12 – A Dark Plan

The small girl was holding the hand of her unconscious brother. Even her brother still stayed still, and she knew that her brother was getting better, his breath no longer buried and hurried, his face no longer pale. Her brother was like having his peaceful dream. With her small hands, she held it tighter, “Big […]

Magi 11 – Ione

Life is a temporary thing, yet it is. It made people think that life is precious. But then, some people thought that one life is more valuable than the other. This kind of thinking was found everywhere around the world. I wished I could ask about Father since Mother nearly never mentioned him before. But […]

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